Monday, December 21, 2009

Moral Dilemma

Larry and I finally made it to Target today, in a desperate bid to catch up on our long-forestalled Christmas shopping. We headed straight to the Nerf gun aisle, where I had seen Brian salivating over the N-Strike Maverick model with the rotating barrel. I put the coveted toy in my cart (only 10 bucks!) and then turned my attention to the display of ammunition refills.

"Hmmm, I don't know," I said to Larry. "Should we get the refill with 25 darts and the thing you sling over your shoulder to hold them?"

"The bandolier?" he said. "You can get a bandolier for Nerf darts?"

"Is that what it's called? I don't know if I like the look. Maybe I should just get the refill darts alone?"

"But those other refills don't have suction cups; it's velcro instead."

"Aaargh!" I said, staring at the packages of ammunition in my hands. "Why can't this be simpler? I don't know which to get!"

"Well," said Larry, "It is for Christmas. What would Jesus do?"

Good question...


  1. He'd buy the bandolier--it's all about making the kids happy!

  2. Only $10 for the Maverick? And it was in stock? Sounds like Jesus is already watching out for you!

  3. I believe Jesus would have bought the bandolier. I'm sure of it. ;)

  4. Jesus would totally rock the bandolier. As long as he was concerned about looking bad a$$. Which he was. I can't even believe this is a discussion. Read your bible, people. Please.

  5. Jesus would've made sure everyone was properly outfitted for a smackdown. Have you read Revelation?

  6. many, many wars have been fought over nerf guns in our household.

    -you're using my gun...i should know because it shoots better!

    -that's my dart...yours went waaaay over there.

    -you did not get me. you missed. yes you did!

    -mom! jonathan is hoarding all the ammo!

    -my eye! my eye!

    enough said.

  7. [laughing!]

    That cracked me up. Good stuff.


  8. May the person who gave my child one of those things last year, rot in..., oh crap, it's Christmas..."forget us this year." I spent the first two months of the year fishing half a dart out of the baby's mouth, and swishing my fingers around her mouth trying to remove any small bits she could swallow. For two solid months, she pooped nerf. Aargh! I despised that thing.

  9. Brian is going to be a happy kid on Christmas morning!

  10. He'd get the Nerf machine gun with tripod...I'm just sayin'.

  11. Just as long as you buy enough ammo...

  12. Would Jesus buy a gun? Theoretically he'd buy something more peaceful, but since he knows boys, he knows they'll make a gun out of anything anyways and nerf is soft! Definitely go with the bandolier! You'll have something strapped onto the kid that you can stick the darts back into when you find them all over. I bet it's cheaper than the dart locker too. Why didn't my Target have any bandoliers?

  13. I totally snorted over this. I think Jesus totally would support the bandolier purchase.

  14. You know, I just bought that exact same gun...for my husband. Jesus didn't say a word about the bandolier. Hmmmm

  15. Great blog! Love the vomit posts. I have a morbid fear/fascination with vomit too. You may have inspired me to write a vomit post of my own.



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