Thursday, June 10, 2010

Early To Bed...

I've got nothing. Sorry. Not even something funny to link to! Anyone seen anything funny lately?

But for now I must get to bed - David's birthday is tomorrow (and, yes, I will have yet another teenager less than 24 hours from now) and something tells me he expects a cake. At least he isn't asking for any space-travel-themed concoction this year...


  1. Happy birthday to your new teen. Somehow I don't think he'll be much trouble. Good luck making a cake!

  2. Many happy returns! I love when they get old enough and just want a good cake--no worries about how it LOOKS.

  3. Happy birthday to David!
    I don't have anything, either. I'm too busy to think (and too busy to blog).

  4. How about this:

    Be glad you haven't flown recently...

  5. Happy birthday! Just think, three more years and you get to drive, kiddo!

  6. I'm burnt out lately myself. Happy birthday David! Remember, as you become a teenager, you're right. Your parents really don't know anything.

  7. But, but...I came here desperate for a laugh!!!

    Happy B-Day to your son. :)



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