Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Florence Nightingale Fail

Judging from my blog stats, I'm attempting to entertain a mass of strangers who are here only because they were doing a Google Image search.  Everyone, everywhere, needs pictures of Tweety Bird.  Also?  Yosemite Sam.

When David was 2, he looked like Tweety Bird.  He had this big round head and skinny body, and he had the same speech defect going on ("tat" for "cat") AND he was very attached to a stuffed Tweety Bird that someone had given us.  Weird coincidence, that.

This is not me.
Well, now he is 14 and doesn't look like Tweety Bird (much) and is way taller than me and managed to sprain his ankle on Sunday.  Usually, David does everything for himself - laundry, cooking, homework, whatever.  And now, suddenly, he can't. Which infirmity has made me realize that it is a good thing my older kids are somewhat independent, as I have no idea whatsoever how to take care of someone bigger than me.  Actually, I have no idea how to take care of anyone older than 5, say, short of throwing some food at them and making them go to bed by a certain hour.  

So, deciding to make this a community-service opportunity for his younger siblings, I delegated David's laundry to Brian.  I made Susie his official water-cup carrier.  I've tasked Rachel with trying to keep the floor clear so that David doesn't break a leg while maneuvering his sprained ankle around on crutches.  And I'm off the hook.  Because it just feels downright weird to be pouring water for my 14-year-old.

[Tweet Bird image: Wallpapers]
[Florence Nightingale: Nursingcrib]


  1. Yeah I gotta say I really enjoy having my kids be older. I think you've got the right idea about how to care for him!

  2. Thought out like a true homeschooler!

    I realized tonight, while listening to my 12yo using the heat ducts like a walkie-talkie, that he is now basically unparented. Which means I have worked myself out of a job. Oops!

  3. I hope he's up and around soon...for both of your sakes!

  4. Yeah the only one I wait on is the 8 year old! I get most of my hits from people looking for hot teens and mom sex something or other. Kind of scary!

  5. You has a beautifull blog. I'm interesting to stop here today. Remember, dont forget to visit and gives us your comment into my blog. Thanks for share.

  6. I kind of like how you delegated his care to the rest of your crew.

  7. I am a huge fan of independent children.

  8. Hoping for a quick healing for him!

  9. You're raising good citizens...helping their brother, lending a hand.

    I know the feeling. Other than kissing their foreheads to see if they have a fever, and advising when to take some meds, I'm kind of over the whole waiting on them when they are sick thing. Of course, mine are grown now.

  10. In case it should ever come up, I'm well over five and I would be thrilled if you threw some food at me and told me to go to bed.



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