Saturday, October 01, 2011

Irritatingly Optimistic Voices

Thanks to Rachel's begging me to buy the sheet music for the Wizard of Oz during our latest foray to the music store, I seem to be permanently afflicted with this particular earworm (the first 30 seconds will suffice):

Misery loves company, you know...

[Oh, and Diana reminded me that I am supposed to remind you to vote.  I guess I was so busy banging my head against the wall in a desperate attempt to get these voices out of my head,  I forgot about the contest..  Thank you, Diana.]


  1. Where is the link and the reminder ot vote? And I couldn't make it 30 seconds in, I stopped at about 12.

  2. Thanks, Diana. Now I'll go back to trying to get these high-pitched voices out of my head.

  3. I have to go watch the whole movie. I do not remember that song. The mind boggles that that could be so.

    We have a native New Yorker making bagels in his shop here in northern California; it's as close as I can manage, but should you ever decide to tour the redwoods, Golden Gate Park, etc etc, we can at least offer that. Oh, and chocolate. Two chocolate manufacturers right here, Tcho's being the latest attempt to fill the gap from when Scharffenberger sold out to Hershey. Ya gotta come visit your voters, y'know.

  4. We watched the movie recently (hence Rachel's request for the sheet music), and I was surprised at all the songs I had forgotten. I guess I just tend to remember "Follow the Yellow Brick Road" and "Ding, Dong, the Witch is Dead." I definitely forgot how many musical numbers are sung by the munchkins. After a while, it feels like their voices are stabbing me in the brain. Ow.

  5. I can think of worse earworms. But thanks for passing yours along to the rest of us!

  6. Oooh, the voices! Make them stop!
    As my friend texted me last month: "I'm about to release the flying monkeys!"