Monday, October 24, 2011

Stinkbugs Like Camping

Remember that spiffy used pop-up camper that Larry and I impulsively bought?  The one Larry was calling my "vacation home," the one we were so excited about because now we could go anywhere with the kids and still have an affordable place to stay?

It turns out anywhere means "anywhere EXCEPT where there might be large numbers of stinkbugs waiting to infest an unsuspecting tent trailer..."

My vacation home, before stinkbugs
You see, on that group camping trip a couple of weekends ago, stinkbugs found it easy - nay, IRRESISTIBLE - to crawl between the snaps that attach the canvas trailer cover to the trailer box. Larry, who usually pooh-poohs my drama-filled accounts of stinkbug encounters, regaled me afterward with tales of how he spent hours shoveling stinkbugs up with the dustpan and throwing them into the fire.

Under the mattresses!

On the ceiling!


Our camping friends, meanwhile, had hardly any of the pests infiltrating their unpretentious zipper-sealed domed tents.  Hello, Livin' Lite?  I have some redesign recommendations to make.

Isn't it funny that I bought the pop-up camper in part to prevent the insect PTSD I would suffer by staying in possibly bedbug-ridden hotels?  Joke's on me!



  1. I do NOT miss stinkbugs. I can't decide if this is hilarious or horrifying... but since it was Larry (and not YOU) dealing with the stinkbugs, I will laugh. (Sorry, Larry)

    Please PLEASE please do not send any stinkbugs to me. Just the thought gives me the heebie-jeebies.

  2. OH man. That just stinks in so many ways. WHERE will you find your peace and quiet???

  3. Those stinkbugs have RUINED your camper, RUINED IT. Therefore, I think you should probably send it to me. ;>

  4. A girl at work got bedbugs from a cruise! I'd take stinkbugs over that any day ;)

  5. I'm just glad you didn't show pics of the bugs. Love the camper!