Saturday, October 29, 2011

Gone Knittin'

Way back last summer, I decided that I could knit a pair of socks each month.  Now, I'm not quite sure how I reached this decision, seeing as how my previous sock knitting rate has been approximately 1 1/2 pairs per year.  Maybe I was just seized with the desire to be like all these knitters in the blogosphere who actually complete projects regularly.  And, surprisingly enough, I have managed to knit 2 pairs since the beginning of August.  Meaning I'm right on track, so long as I finish the pair I started yesterday by...let's see...

August...September...October... week!  Monday, to be exact...

Of course,  I wouldn't have fallen behind if I hadn't become so immersed in my felted Lopi totes.  You know how it is...the ol' knitting switcheroo.

No?  You don't?  Well!  I don't even know what to say.

My yarn, but definitely NOT my socks
Larry's muttering something about maybe I should put down the needles and cook a real meal every once in a while.  I don't see what his problem is - the kids seem perfectly happy on a steady diet of pizza and franks 'n' beans.  Why should I neglect my knitting to cook food they'll hate?  I just can't see the sense in that, can you?

Don't even answer that.  Of course you don't.  Now, if you'll excuse me, I've got a date with some sock yarn...

[Gone Knitting image: Midnight Knitter]
[Sock yarn photo: A Bluestocking Knits]


  1. I love the colors of your yarn!
    Easy meal idea that the kids in my house adore:
    make ramen noodles with half the amount of water, then add 1/2 to 2/3 of the spice envelope AND a can of baked beans. It started out as camping food ("grub") but I am profusely thanked by all boys whenever I make this meal. (My husband, not so much, but who asked him?) Hey, it's high in protein, cheap, and very filling, plus it's super easy and all ingredients can be found in the pantry.

    Happy knitting! :)

  2. I have a scarf to finish and then I'm off to learn socks. I'm very impressed!!

  3. Love the Lopi tote! Thanks for posting a link to it.

    Now, if I could just finish that darn dissertation, I'd have time to do these things!

  4. I am amazed by anyone who can knit socks. I salute you, SC.