Sunday, October 09, 2011

Cranberry Sunday

I wrenched my back today by doing...well...nothing.  One minute I was fine, the next I was trying not to scream.  I went to work anyway, as it wasn't absolutely the worst pain ever - I mean, so long as I didn't try to buckle my seat belt, say, or turn a steering wheel, or breathe.  And then I realized (while sitting in Starbucks and attempting to recover from lifting my laptop onto the table) that my work website was down.

Mine's not a circle, though...
Hmmmph.  So I drove (slowly) home and baked Larry's cranberry-upside-down birthday cake instead, because I'm a good wife like that, despite my apparent physical infirmities.  I hope he appreciates that I didn't simply take to my bed instead.  And after that?  I made pizza dough, so David would make us pizza tonight.  And then?  I goofed off.  Because Larry has the kids away camping and it was quiet in the house.  You know, some people pay good money to go to a spa and feel the way I did this afternoon (I mean, minus the wrenched back) in my blessedly peaceful house. 

I highly recommend family camping.  Sans mom, of course...

[Cranberry cake photo: Playing House]


  1. Oh my. I MUST make that cake!

  2. The sans mom version of family camping is the only kind I'd consider - sounds like heaven!!

  3. Ohhh, I hope your back feels better! That is an ugly pain!

  4. The cake intrigues me.

    I prescribe a day of lounging where you only lift your fingers to make a move in Words.

  5. Are you going to share the recipe? For the dessert, not the wrenched back -- I *know* how that happens! My husband did the same thing on Thursday morning and is still recovering. (At least he's making me think so -- maybe he just didn't want to help us load furniture into my sister's truck?)

  6. They camped without you? Bliss!