Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Some Light Whining

If I had extra cash lying around (which I don't, as we just blew it all on a pop-up camper), I would hire someone to come in and figure out how to light our living areas in such a fashion that I no longer feel as if I'm going blind every time I sit down to knit.  Maybe that person would even be able to explain to me how any lamp can survive unscathed in a household with children in it.  Our lamps all have shades hanging askew, messed up cords, stupid switches that don't work unless you turn them exactly right - all from being knocked over one too many times.

But you know what would be cheaper than a personal lighting designer?  If each of us just wore a hat with a headlamp on it.  Wouldn't that make more sense?  Light where you need it, every time!  No fragile lamps, no ceiling fixtures with breakable parts...just some simple headgear that we would put on first thing in the morning and take off when we go to bed at night.  Sort of like tefillin, only not sacred...

I Googled images of tefillin, so you would understand that they are prayer phylacteries , traditionally worn by Jewish men during prayer services, and I stumbled on this:

We've come a long way, baby...

I'm a bit out of the loop, but I'm guessing this is Judaism 2.0.


  1. Ok, the Barbies are a bit much...

    I actually bought a headlamp so I could knit around the campfire while camping - but I've used it in the house, too. Because as I age, the lights in the house get darker. Funniest thing.

  2. Um, yeah... I'm such a dork that I have one of these: http://www.beverlys.com/hands-free-magnifier/

    Thus, when my children come to pester me while I'm cross-stitching, I can aim the light at them and permanently damage THEIR vision. I think it's fair play.

  3. You say tefillin, I say miner's helmet...potato, potato.
    Come to think of it, a helmet with earmuffs so I can tune out the boys' noise....

  4. Nothing like a bit of education in my day! But the Barbies? Oy!!

    We have more headlamps than heads in my house. You might be on to something...

  5. I got rid of all the lamps I had. We have 2 ceiling fans with lights in the living room. With 7 1/2 glass covers on the bulbs. You can talk to my 8 year old about where the other 1/2 went..

  6. I am forthwith ordering 7 head lamps.

    And I have to show my husband this post, because he seems to think its a character flaw that our lamps are wonky.

  7. We abandoned all decorative lamps once our 1 st child started knocking them over. Looking around I notice that we no longer have end tables to put them on, or a coffee table either. I should consider myself lucky I still have a sofa but perhaps not for long if child #3 doesn't stop using it as a trampoline. BUT we do have multiple camping headlamps. Not that I could locate them right now.....so I guess eventually when the kids destroy everything we'll just sit around on the floor, in the dark, pretending it's like the olden days.