Saturday, July 11, 2009

Bloggers - Now In 3D!

Some folks go to horror movies to get their chills and thrills. Me? I just read articles like this one. The thought of crawling multitudes (especially ones I can't see) supply me with that same frisson of terror that other folks get from checking out the latest Stephen King flick. I don't know why I torture myself this way; but it's like a train wreck, I've just got to look. Whether it's infestations of bedbugs in homes across the nation or giant colonies of ants taking over the world, the lure of the entomologically horrible is irresistible to me.

And those magnified pictures! I mean, who doesn't feel the urge to see an ant 100 times its normal size? Who wouldn't want to feast their eyes on all the particulars of a comely bedbug?

Did you click on that last one? You really shouldn't have. I mean, I wish I hadn't.

I met a bunch of local bloggers last night and was reminded once again that I was born 2 decades too late [edited to add: "late" as in "early" - 2 decades too early - zee English, she is confusing, no?]. If only I were 20 years younger, I could simply go into my Blogger template and "switch stuff around." I mean, that's what MomBabe of the Bingham Diaries says she does...

(and, no, I'm not just jealous of her because she looks waaaay more put-together than any mother of 4 kids - 5 and under - ever should look)...

So what's up with that? Are people 29 and younger born with an HTML gene?

Alice of Alice's Wonderland made us laugh over her latest encounter with loser guys at a bar (which account made me sort of grateful I'm not 20 years younger); kcinnova (the organizer of this shindig) looks taller than she sounds in her blog, but I got over that; we had a blogger show up from Chicago who was here because "she felt like it"; and another one (MomBabe's sister Meredith) from Arizona. What a cosmopolitan group!

No one there (aside from kcinnova) had read my blog; so kcinnova was reduced to introducing me with, "She writes about vomit!" (Only, she said it without the hyperlink) To say that the blogger from Chicago looked a tad taken aback would be an understatement.

You know, I never pictured my essays on regurgitation being my claim to fame.

Jackie of Moving at the Speed of Life said, "Oh, The More The Messier! That's your blog? I've seen it!" and left it at that, apparently being polite enough to follow the dictum "If you can't say something nice..." For some reason we had 2 Danish speakers (Jackie and another blogger Rachel) at our table, which seemed odd for a party of 10; last I checked, less than 20 percent of our population speaks any foreign language at all, let alone a language named after a pastry. So we ended up discussing Danes, and their antipathy for Swedes (it's mutual); we also learned about the low divorce rate in Denmark. See? Blogging is educational.

I'm leaving people out, I know I am. Oh, yes, there was Hannah, who blogs here. Her blog profile picture does not do her justice. Change it, Hannah! And there was Annie, of AnnieOatmeal (which blog name I really love). If it weren't for those interlopers from Chicago and Arizona, Annie would have earned the distinction of traveling the furthest for our humble get-together. I hope she found it worth it. I hardly think she drove all that way to hear more vomit stories, that's for sure. So we chatted about teen girls instead.


I'm having another of those hot flashes that make my fingers sweat all over the keyboard. Plus, my family needs me. So I'm signing off. Good night! Sleep tight! Don't let the bedbugs bite!


  1. The bed bugs creeped me out so bad I couldn't even read it. How do you sleep at night?

  2. I think you mean to say your were born two decade too "early"...Yes????

  3. Aw, you're so nice. Plus, it was fun to see your face. Hear that everyone? I. SAW. HER. FACE. You should be so jealous.

  4. Well then, you would have HATED the book Chickie Boy checked out from the library on all sorts of fun things like pinworms, mites, bedbugs, head lice (another terrifying thing I like to worry about) scabies and the like. Also, today he discovered new worms in our lawn. Bleh. Shudder. I may have the same entomology induced fears that you suffer from. . .

  5. Man, you're lucky to meet local bloggers. My blogging is pretty much the way my writing has always been, a solitary deal. They must be out there somewhere, right?
    How'd you meet them?

  6. I am jealous of Mombabe because she got to see your face.

    Today must have been the day for blogger lunches because I went to TWO blogger lunches today! Like one of the ladies said, "It's like meeting old friends for the first time."

    We might have been born too early to have the HTML gene, but we have teenagers who can figure out al that stuff for us.

    And I didn't even look at the bug pictures, just reading the word "infestations" made my skin crawl. I did, however, post a video a few days ago of the multitude of snails inhabiting our front yard.

    It sounds like it was a fun lunch even though the waiter was stupid.

  7. It was great to meet you... and I look fwd to following your blog. I like your mention of the educational benefits of blogging... and maybe you'll learn new danish words by following my Danish/English Blog. :-) Hope you have a great rest of the wkend :-)

  8. AnonymousJuly 12, 2009

    how come you met bloggers from your area, i mean, how did you know about the meeting? is there a blogger-going-real-life forum i don't know about???


  9. I never get to do anything fun on the weekends, as I work Saturday and Sundays. Boo-Hoo. Maybe some weekend?

  10. That's how I roll you know...I show up at Blogger meetups for cities I don't live in. You may call me the Interloper.

    I don't remember being taken aback by the vomit story. The majority of my stories are poop related, so that may be why.

    Great to meet you!

  11. I was just taken back because I totally had no idea you lived so close! For some reason I had this image of you living out in the Midwest. Don't ask why, I don't know.

    But it was very cool getting to meet you!

  12. Hey! KCinnova wasn't the only one who had previously read your blog! I just never commented before. But I'm changing that, see? The get-together was great! The only thing I would change is that after about 1/2 hour we should change seats. I totally missed the loser guys stories and I would have loved to chat more about teen girls! Bummer.

  13. AnonymousJuly 13, 2009

    I look taller than I sound? It must be the awkward way I describe your blog... what I *should* have said was something like, "She makes everything --from mice to politics to parenting-- a humorous escapade." Yes, that would have been much better. Regardless, I was still thrilled to have met you. I don't have photographic proof but like TheMomBabe, I can say I saw your face! :)