Saturday, October 03, 2009

Miscellaneous Meanderings Of A Fevered Mind

Sick today - I've been felled by yet another mysterious illness. Larry outdid himself in the Supportive Spouse category by taking the kids out for 4 solid hours today while I slept. He managed to serve them pizza and popcorn and soda (cheaper than water, he frugally insisted) and ice cream during that time period. No wonder everyone likes Daddy best...

Now it's time for another nap. My IKEA trip was planned for tomorrow; come hell or high water (or deadly plague-like illness), I'm going.

Oh, and that Michael Graves's dish drainer pictured in the above link? It makes my heart sing every time I use it. It fits all the dishes, efficiently air-dries them if I haven't managed to dragoon my young ones into towel-drying, and graces my counter with an air of lovely efficiency. I am, in short, infatuated with this lovely kitchen tool that sits, oh so fetchingly, by my sink.

So! My love affair with the dish drainer has gotten me thinking that maybe I don't need a new dishwasher. Perhaps I should replace the dishwasher with a small, under-the-counter size refrigerator whose sole purpose would be to store condiments. Perhaps that would solve my refrigerator storage problems. What do you think?


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  1. Bite your tongue, woman! The dishwasher is a necessity and I want hear any talk otherwise.

  2. Dishwasher YES Condiment refrigerator YES what else could you toss from that silly kitchen to make room for the condiment fridge? Because THAT is perhaps the best idea I have heard all YEAR.

  3. Dishwashers are a necessity of life, kind of like breathing and eating.
    Right now two of my offspring are loading our dishwasher. It's a beautiful thing, almost makes me emotional (sniff) and I won't mention what kind of bribe/incentive I might have given them to do this.
    Hey, the dishes are getting clean, don't judge me.

  4. And I hope you get feeling better. It's not fair that you should miss out on the pizza, popcorn, soda and ice cream fest.

    I think that to make up for not feeling well, you should be able to spend as much as you want at IKEA.

  5. I would give up my under-the-counter recycling bins (I think they were originally meant for garbage? bah!!) for a 2nd fridge. Condiments keep me from fitting a week's worth of milk in my fridge... or maybe that is just the fault of the teenage boys who drink so dang much?
    But give up the dishwasher? Heaven forbid!!

    However, all this talk about dishwashers lately has caused mine to sporatically begin leaking. I'm getting worried.

  6. You must be VERY SICK because life without a dishwasher is no way to go. Please get well soon and stop talking all that nonsense about removing a life altering appliance:)

  7. A condiment fridge is GENIUS! I wonder if I could retro-fit my pantry to make one fit in there . . . (somewhere, my husband's head just exploded.)

  8. Hi I'm over here from Junie, June, June and her all girl band, well except for Hulk and Target Steve...but I digress.

    I don't have a functioning dishwasher and honestly I very rarely miss it. Kahuna and I do this whole Ozzie and Harriet dishwashing- drying ritual after every meal. I wash, he dries, we listen to Guy Lumbardo or Lawrence Welk and sway to the music (insert John Mayer and Iz for Lumbardo and Welk). We talk about our day and then we hold hands as we ease into the bedroom Jay Leno. Geeze where was your mind?

  9. That is the sole reason I could never give up the 'garage frige'

    Hope you start feeling better soon though

  10. No dishwasher? That must be your feverish brain or infatuation talking, not the rational Suburban Correspondent I got to know (virtually that is). As someone who doesn't own that little gadget, I am truly jealous of everyone who does. If I stopped doing the dishes, what would I do with all my free time?

  11. Have four kids and a large garden (equals lots of canning and freezing) and I love to cook---all of this means that we have lots and lots and LOTS of dirty dishes.

    And get this: no dishwasher.

    And get THIS: I don't want one!

    I think you're on to something with that sexy drainer perched atop your kitchen counter.

  12. Soda IS cheaper than water. My husband pulls that crap when he takes the kids, too. Drives me nuts.

  13. IKEA come hell or high water! I am in love with that place. I never had a dishwasher till the twins came along at which time I changed my religion and became a believer and sent my husband to buy one. It's a good thing or we would have had to use all disposable dishes, pots and pans for about 4 years. If you are at a stage where you can fit dish washing in, go for it. Otherwise, keep the dishwasher.