Monday, March 15, 2010

Armed And Dangerous

phdwithninekids just twittered,
"Do you know the way to san jose? (ok, I'm dating myself...but at least I don't know the rest)"

Well, I knew the
rest. And now I'm sitting here, grooving to Dionne Warwick while the rest of the family (sans Larry) is still a-snooze in their beds, thanks to that mind game of a time change yesterday.

While you attempt to get your day started an hour late, enjoy!


Oh, and for anyone interested in a feisty discussion on Mommy Bloggers (a title I, for one, wear with pride), head on over to this post at Motherlode and check out those comments. Weird baggage alert! Some of these folks have serious issues with people of the mothering/blogging variety. According to these naysayers, tomorrow's headlines will read, "Large Packs of Feral Children Roaming the US; Blogging Mothers Haven't Noticed."

Alice Bradley (of Finslippy) takes them all to task in her comment on page 2. But really - read them all. It's a breathtaking experience. Think about it - there's so much in this world to be riled up about: earthquakes, famine, wars, poverty, injustice. These people, however, are frothing at the mouth about women who happen to be keeping public journals on the Internet. You would think we were forcing people to read our blogs at gunpoint.

Now if y'all will just excuse me while I put my SuperSoaker away...

[Picture (once again) courtesy of HowStuffWorks]


  1. Wow. Thanks for the link. I've never read Finslippy before, but I know kneel at the alter of her comment. I bookmarked it, too.

  2. Thank goodness she has our back out there. Man, drunk driving doesn't make a girl feel as ashamed as being a mom who blogs!

  3. Grrr. That was rather disturbing. Take away my blogging time, and I'll have to resort to trying to tame feral cats for fun.

  4. Suburban,

    You pointed the way to that snide article in the Times and the little I've been able to read about it, (I was away for the weekend) just about slays me. And I'm sorry your blog had to be mentioned in that forum.

    I'm wondering about these folks who are getting so worked up about mommy bloggers. They're clearly out there lurking around if they've got so much to say on the subject.

    Good for us.

    Journalism 101: Any reaction, good or bad, shows they're reading and your work is strong enough to elicit a reaction.

    I say, rock on Mommy Bloggers, rock on.

  5. I really, really know the way to San Jose,

    I read the post when there were only 2 comments. Heading back now.

  6. OMG! I just realized as I'm posting this comment that I have no idea where my kids are! I'm so horrible for being on the Internet. Oh, wait. They're at school. ;)

    Between that Motherlode column and the latest House episode about a (female) blogger, I am totally going to have to blog about blogging too.

    Thanks for stopping by and paying me a visit. It's nice to (virtually) meet you.

  7. The crazies are out! Can I hide behind you & your supersoaker?

  8. "Frothing at the mouth" is a good way of putting it.

  9. I wish I remember who wrote a poem I remember from my teenagerhood that I found myself wanting to quote to such people: "Men, said the Devil, are kind to their brothers; they don't want to cure their own sins, but each others'."

  10. Wait, why hasn't anyone commented on how much they love the song "Do You Know The Way To San Jose" -- I'm going to be singing that all day long now :)

    PS New follower here! Saw you one on Joann's blog I believe it was. Very cool style by the way :)