Friday, March 11, 2011

7 Quick Takes: Samuel Gompers Edition

People are sick here, languishing on couches, nestled in with boxes of Kleenex.  It rained all day, torrents of rain beating against the windows and creating miniature lakes in the grass all around our townhouse.  The children convinced me to let them watch Mary Poppins, a movie which is way longer than I remember its being.

How long is it?  It's so long that I had to go upstairs in the middle of it and take a nap.  And it was still going when I came back down.


So I'm just waiting for this miserable virus to hit me and resigning myself to the fact that we will be subsisting on ice cream and orange juice for the next week or so.  There are worse fates, right?


This afternoon Anna upped her prepaid cellphone plan to unlimited talk and text.  She's been talking on it nonstop ever since.  Do cellphones catch fire from overuse?  I'm worried about her hair.


 At what point can I safely assume that my almost-11-year-old with the sore throat and stomachache will not throw up this evening?  I'd like to go to bed sometime, but he's sleeping on my couch.  If I had been smart, I would have had him bed down in the bathroom.

I'm never Googling "vomit image" again, by the way.  College students?  Rest assured, if you fall asleep in your own vomit, someone WILL snap a picture of you and put it on the Internet.


I have become completely addicted to Words with Friends - anyone who wishes to play, my username is suburbancorrespondent (no surprise there, eh?).


Be glad that I am too tired right now to pontificate (much) on the importance of collective bargaining.  Suffice it to say that Wisconsin legislators apparently do not know much about labor history in the United States. At least, I hope they don't know much; the alternative would be that they just do not give a darn about nurse/patient ratios, say, or classroom size or safety in the workplace.  Because those are the sort of things that collective bargaining addresses - it's not all about the money.

Gosh, is it better that our legislators be ignorant or evil?  You decide.


And, yes, I am aware that unions have faults and abuses uniquely their own.  But there is no need to throw the baby out with the bathwater, is all.  Sheesh.

So why don't you go on over to Conversion Diary to see the rest of today's 7 Quick Takes?  You can rest assured, Jen will not be haranguing you about the rights of organized labor.

[Mary Poppins image: ZDNet]
[Vomiting pumpkin image: Raving Dave]
[Triangle Shirtwaist Factory cartoon:]


  1. Feel better soon! And I say if they're going to take away the collective bargaining rights of something... let's go for viruses and bacteria. THEY certainly don't need help.

  2. I feel like I just had a lovely chat with you, minus viruses and vomit. (Because I don't need those right now... as if YOU need them!)

    Why yes, I have had a kid sleep in the hall right outside the bathroom. It was infinitely better than the top bunk alternative.
    Hang in there.

    And I'm refraining from calling my brother & SIL in Wisconsin to ask WTH?!?

  3. I could go on and on about the state of affairs in my fair state--my bet's on major recall elections come November. It is madness here.
    So sorry your people are sick.
    Mary Poppins IS a wicked long movie. I'd forgotten, too.

  4. I live just south of the WI border and have lots of friends working in the public sector in WI. It is just too depressing. Thankfully, I teach in Illinois.

    All those kid movies from that time seem too long now --Chitty Chitty Bang Bang has an intermission for goodness sake!

    Sometimes I think the anticipation of getting the virus your kids have is worse than the part where you're actually sick. :-)

  5. repeat after me: the virus will not hit me ... i am a mom ... i am mighty and immune to pesky viruses.

    there. better?

  6. I've been raging about politics in the U.S. for two days straight, so I'll let that go for now.

    My daughter has started tweeting. Oh, my!

    Setting up Words with Friends on my Droid now.

  7. MY poor 4 yr old was sick on Wednesday for about 6 hours, then he felt fine afterwards. He sat there in hubby's recliners, would wake up, puke in the garbage can, then go back to sleep. I just had to clean up the linoleum floor once when he missed and give him a bath when he felt better that evening.

  8. As always, I love how you take the world's most mundane things and make me crack up laughing!

    Hope everyone is better soon. And, btw, excluding potential fatality, I think there are very few fates worse than the common cold! Good luck!

  9. According to IMDB, Mary Poppins is 2 hours and 19 minutes long. I always thought The Cat in the Hat (the book, not the movie) was too long, and if Dr. Seuss had tested it by reading in out loud every night for 6 months, he would have shortened it. "bump, thump, thump, bump down the wall in the hall."