Monday, March 14, 2011

All Shook Up

Despite my apparent self-absorbedness (I mean, c'mon, I have a blog), I do attempt to stay somewhat well-informed about the world around me.  I've opined in these pages on health care reform's effect on our chocolate supply, the humor value of election campaigns, Muslim Intolerance Syndrome, and all the latest research on middle-aged health and sanity.  Current events, no matter what their ilk, fascinate me, whether they center on domestic politics, say, or the Arabic world or natural disasters, just for instance.

All of which is to say, I'm feeling just a tad overwhelmed these days.  I've got newshound whiplash, as it were, what with trying to focus on renegade state senators in Wisconsin, revolutionaries in North Africa, and Mother Nature in the Far East.

And let's not forget exploding nuclear reactors, of course...

Makes it sort of hard to focus on planning dinner for the family, you know?  What the heck, kids, who needs a balanced diet if the end of civilization is nigh?  Let's eat ice cream while we prepare to shelter in place from radioactive fallout!

But pay attention - there will be a quiz once everything settles down.  We homeschooling mothers are like that.

[Earthquake images: Kishore]
[Radioactive child image: Edmonton Journal]


  1. Right? I keep waiting for the news to start reporting zombie sightings.

  2. Earthquake, tsunami, nuclear power is a whole big science unit. And this morning we can add global finance, insurance, and why the Nikkei is plummeting.

    I'm finding it hard to strike a balance between keeping up to date (we're kind of news & politics junkies) and not freaking all ourselves out & getting too down.

    (Hey, you mean it's ok to eat ice cream for dinner now? )

  3. Ice cream for dinner is about the only sensible thing I've heard lately.

  4. Prayer and ice cream. The only sane response.

  5. I wish I'd thought of ice cream for dinner.

  6. Gah, I know. As a fellow news junkie (and former journalist), I decided a few weeks ago to try to work current events into school somehow. I'll be darned if I'VE been able to keep up over the past few weeks, let alone try to pick what to share with the kiddo. Oh, and of course the local city council is trying to oust our mayor. Throw that in the mix. I've been pretty much glued to my news apps on my phone lately - local paper, AP, and BBC News. I'd love to find a good Aljazeera English app, but the only one I can find is streaming video. So I have to get on my computer to cover that one. *head explodes but is thankfully radiation-free*

  7. The news IS overwhelming. I'm trying to take it in stride and pace my intake. Otherwise I think I'd huddle beneath my coffee table and sip whiskey all day.