Sunday, March 06, 2011

Innocents Abroad

"Good news!" said Theo, home on Spring Break.  "I was accepted to State University's Arabic immersion program!"

"Is that one of the ones ROTC pays for?" I asked.

"Yup - I'll be studying Arabic, so they foot the bill."

"That's great! You'll have fun at State University - beats being stuck here for the summer."

"Actually, it's one of the study-abroad programs.  I'm going to Morocco."

"Morocco? As in, next to Algeria, near Tunisia, and a little too close to Libya and Egypt? That Morocco?"

"Uh, yeah, I guess so.  Why?"

And I thought I taught that kid to keep up on current events.  Another homeschooling fail, I suppose...

[Map credit: University of Notre Dame]
[Spring photo:]


  1. That would freak me out, too. Ah, to have the naivety of a teenager.

  2. But I googled it! Morocco's in pretty good shape, much like Jordan. They LIKE the king. He's GOOD.

    Take two glasses of white wine and call me in the morning. ;)

  3. @Mom on the Verge - I think that "good shape" may be a fairly relative term in that area of the world right now!

  4. Of all the countries I've visited, I hold a soft spot in my heart for Morocco. Tell him to go see the casbahs and that Moroccans don't always use knives and forks. (like all middle eastern countries) They eat with their right hand ONLY and if he wants to ingratiate himself, tell him not to ask for silverware.

    Gold and silver are dirt cheap over there. My sister has a gold bracelet that she bought there that to this day is unmatched in beauty by anything else she owns.

    I envy your son!! (and he's smart to learn Arabic)

  5. Yikes! Sounds like an exciting opportunity for him and a scary one for you!

  6. Nerve-wracked and proud is how I'd be feeling!

  7. I am freaking out with you, as a mother of a college-aged son.

    I commend Theo on his accomplishment and excitement about the future. (And he probably pays as much attention to the news as my own baby turned collegiate... none.)

  8. O_o <---- my speechless face. I'd be in a state, too. To be fair, there's not really a wonderfully stable place in the entire Eastern hemisphere right now, or in much of the Western, so... here's to a safe trip!

  9. Congratulations!
    And wow. That's amazing. And scary. and wonderful. and terrifying.

  10. As someone who has a niece in Jordan in month 16 out of 24 for the Peace Corps, I vote for a 2-month (over 2-year) stint. Freak-outs, unite!

  11. Holy Cow! When does he leave?

  12. I have a friend who is on a two week trip to Morocco right now...she definitely would not have gone if it wasn't safe! I'll fill you in if I find out she had any anxiety over it while there when she gets back

  13. Morocco--that does sound pretty awesome. Despite the close borders.

  14. Morocco is actually okay. You know we just left in August and still have tons of friends there, and they report things are fine. Totally calm. He'll be fine. (Our friends in Tunisia and Egypt are fine too. This is internal stuff going on)
    Where is he going? What city? I AM SO JEALOUS!!! I love Morocco. Tell him to e me if he wants some thoughts and suggestions.