Monday, October 03, 2011

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas...

Now I'm sick.  Just regular virus sick, not deadly-listeria sick.  I'm thinking the bout of food poisoning weakened me to the point where I was able to catch the common cold.  So I still blame the lettuce...

I suspect mine won't look this good.
I'm currently obsessed with the felted Lopi tote.  If you do not knit, you will not understand.  DO NOT TRY.  Just nod your head and smile.  Move on to the next blog, if you must.  Myself, I will remain happily ensconced among the 8 skeins of bulky Andes wool I purchased for what will theoretically become this year's Christmas presents for all the women in my family.  Never mind that I have not felted anything before.  Disregard that bag of yarn meant for last year's Christmas presents,  unknit and forgotten in the back of my closet.  Hope springs eternal for this particular knitter, who persists in allowing visions of homemade Christmas gifts to dance in her head.

This will not end well.  That is why I choose to live in the present.  It's happier here.

[Felted tote image: Spinning Fishwife]


  1. I do not knit (yet), but I do sew and quilt so I totally understand the visions of homemade gifts dancing in your head because mine are coming out my ears this time of year. And I always think if I start gathering supplies soon enough that it will all happen. Hahahahaha. Every year I think, "THIS TIME IT WILL HAPPEN. I will MAKE it happen," and every year I accomplish one, maybe two things and have to learn to be content with that. Gift giving is overrated. Let's all just eat and drink high calorie foods and screw the rest of it.

  2. You just gave me another reason to like not celebrating Christmas. Because I just know that I would be attempting similar feat, but on a much larger scale, annually. In addition to all my other projects that somehow never get quite finished.

  3. Can I be your sister or cousin or something? That is a lovely tote bag. (Nevermind that I just inherited a bunch of tote bags from my mother's closet.)

  4. I was at the fancy yarn store a couple of weeks ago and ran across this book about the most adorable felted dogs. "I must make these!" I thought. Like, it was all I could do not to buy all the supplies right that second. And then I noticed that the book requested the felting be done with actual dog hair.

    I am not longer interested.

  5. I've never been swayed by the felted stuff. Do you know how big you're going to have to knit those bags to get them to felt to that size?!

  6. Felting is awesomely fun and easy. I've only done it a couple of times but with great success, so you are not as crazy as you think. And knitting up some huge floppy thing that you then pop in the washer and it comes out small and beautiful? The best kind of fiber magic. If you have a front loader and can't keep opening it to check the progress, you can also put a few inches of warm slightly soapy water in the bathtub (if it was warmer I'd say a tub in the yard) and have Rachel and Susie stomp on it for a while. Slower, but also highly entertaining.

  7. i love that bag. i'll never do it, but i love it. i have felted though - using wool sweaters from goodwill - it's cool.

  8. I bet you'll be able to stuff Susie inside of that tote before you felt it--not to give you any ideas or anything...

  9. A great aunt tried to teach me how to knit. I had this nice ugly scarf going. I'd knit 12 rows then take out 5 for a stitch I saw I missed. After doing that over and over I gave up!



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