Wednesday, December 28, 2011

My Favorite Tweets of 2011

[The idea for this post was stolen from Where Hot Comes To Die.  I am telling you this so that Suzy doesn't hunt me down and kill me.  She's not the type to fall for that "imitation is the sincerest form of flattery" nonsense.]

@Borowitz Report
If you're happy and you know it you're not Jewish.

Note to self. Don't put sunblock lotion near toothpaste.

I have one joke about the Jim Jones Guyana tragedy but it's got a very long punch line.

Jack LaLanne dead at 96. Obviously he wasn't in as good a shape as he led us to believe.

Study Finds Every Style Of Parenting Produces Disturbed, Miserable Adults

Yet more Jobs lost under Obama's watch

Parenting is like manning a control panel with unmarked buttons. You just hope you don't accidentally initiate the bell tower sequence.

Complaining about lack of privacy on Facebook is like complaining about nudity at an orgy.

[Twitter image: ConverStations]


  1. Well since you TOLD me you were going to steal the idea I can't exactly get mad at you. Not to mention that you had the good sense to include one of my tweets in your list.

    Also? The great tweet about 'Jobs lost under Obama' belongs to Neal Mayhem, who gave his 17,000+ twitter account away to that African charity that now appears with this tweet. I had one of his too, but I changed it to his new twitter name, @MinutesofMayhem so people could still find him.


    (Thanks for including me.)

  2. The best tweets, the best RT's, all from @hotcomestodie.

  3. That next-to-last one? Perfect.

  4. I love the one from Onion. Love it. Glad you "borrowed" the idea.

  5. I've always enjoyed your "Why I Am Addicted To Twitter" sidebar, and The Onion is brilliant.

  6. Some of those where on my list as well (the one I keep in my head anyway).