Sunday, December 25, 2011

Praise The Lord And Pass The Chocolate Santas

A couple of weeks ago, Susie said, "Santa doesn't bring enough candy."

"You think he should bring more candy?" I asked.

"Yup.  Fun candy.  Christmas candy!"

People, her request struck me as the Christmas equivalent of a Get Out of Jail Free card.   Just think - an end to hunting for small wooden toys that look to be of elfin manufacture! No more agonizing over buying cheap playthings that will end up in a landfill!

So, instead of searching for thoughtful and age-appropriate presents this year, I went for the edibles.  In a very big way.  I filled the kids' stockings with sure-to-be-consumed Christmas-themed confections - marshmallow Santas, Krisp Kringles, Christmas Peeps - you name it, I stuffed it in there.  Under the tree were 5 wrapped packages of Harry and David Moose Munch (wickedly cheap with my 30%-off coupon at Kohl's), Hot Tamales, and whatever else I could find in my candy-shopping frenzy. 

Oh, and some cheap plastic sleds from Target...which gift has completely jinxed any possibility of snowfall in this region in the coming months.

A side benefit to this surfeit of sweetmeats?  The kids were all too full for lunch.  Now I call that a merry Christmas indeed.

[Moose Munch image: Welcome to Mooseville]


  1. We do the candy thing, too. I'd rather the junk be IN their bodies (this once) than ON my floors.

  2. Stockings are totally for food! Santa brings a little bit of healthy (granola bar and an orange) but also chocolate, smoked sausage logs, beef jerky, and all sorts of candy. The 19yo bought his brothers cookies from the dollar store.
    It's all about consumables. :)

  3. My mom used to put tons of candy in the kids stockings. I think I asked her not to give them quite so much at one point because she's really scaled it back. My kids eat way too much junk already!

  4. Oh, food. Food-for-gifts is hard here. Do you know how much chocolate is manufactured in a facility with wheat? I've given up on the holiday-themed stuff--I can't find something that everybody can eat. They're hardly deprived, though. I made nutella-sea salt fudge this year...

  5. Unfortunately, my sweet tooth has never matured and fallen out, and your candy gifts sound really good to me. I may just hit up Kohl's for the after-Christmas sales after looking at the Moose Munch. (I think my niece called me that once - just once.)

  6. Candy, Yum! Unfortunately, hubby bought the cheaper large box of candy, rather than a whitman's or something more reputable. I found out the hard way there were traces of peanuts in it. Nothing like gasping for breath, lips tingling and throat starting to swell to put some extra excitement in my Christmas day.

  7. You know what Santa likes to leave in our stockings? Individual bags of potato chips. They huge, cost about 50 cents and everyone is happy to eat them for breakfast. DONE.