Thursday, December 01, 2011

7 Quick Takes: Christmas Crafting Edition

--- 1 ---

I've still got mashed potatoes from Thanksgiving in my refrigerator.  I just wanted to put that out there.  You're welcome.

--- 2 ---

I'm knitting my fourth Lopi tote.  No pictures, because I haven't felted any of them yet.  I figured I would save time by doing them all at once.  It may have been wiser to felt the first one right away, to make sure I liked the way they come out.  But I cannot even consider the possibility that they might all look horrible.  I have no other Christmas gifts planned, aside from some cookies or fudge. 

Christmas Crafting without a net - that's what I"m doing...
--- 3 ---

Larry went away on yet another management retreat.  He says they are "team building."  Is that what Herman Cain said to his wife?

--- 4 ---

Poor Larry - the last thing he would do is philander, if only for the practical reason that he doesn't have the time.  Whenever he hears of an acquaintance or work colleague having an affair, he shakes his head and mutters something about logistics.  We do keep him busy around here.

--- 5 ---

Fare thee well, oh cheesy goodness!
Theo is coming home Tuesday night (oh, glory, hallelujah!); as per usual, David has been frantically cooking anything he can think of that involves cheese before we have to clean the dairy items out of the refrigerator.  Pizza last night (and leftovers at lunch today), lasagna tonight...I'm feeling a tad ill.  David, being our sole vegetarian, feels the loss of dairy in our diet much more keenly than the rest of us do.  I expect to see him standing by the side of the road in another few weeks holding a sign saying "Will Work For Cheese."

--- 6 ---

But I'll be happy, so long as I can convince Theo to prepare us his Chinese stir-fry and his Christmas lemon bars.  It's the least he can do for his doting (and tired) mother, right?  Think he'd like a Lopi tote for Christmas?

--- 7 ---

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[Mug image: Zazzle]
[Lasagna image: thepassionatecook]


  1. I make a butternut squash/goat cheese lasagna for my students on Monday--I'm sure David would love it!

    How fun that your oldest will be home soon.

  2. Okay, 5 quick takes back at 'ya:
    1. My husband & Larry think alike.
    2. Cleaning out all the cheese, is that the dairy version of pre-passover cleaning?
    3. Has David tried soy cheese? (I haven't. It's just a thought.)
    4. I totally understand crafting without a net.
    5. You just inspired my Friday post. Thank you!

  3. @Jenn - Send me the recipe - the name freaked David out, so now I have to try it.

    @spokalulu -
    1. Must be their precision military training
    2. Yes, exactly!
    3. Never eat anything that pretends to be something it isn't
    4. Thank you
    5. Can't wait to read it!

  4. Ha, logistics. No, my husband has no precision military training, but he would relate to the reasoning!

  5. I tell D that's why I don't consider cheating on him either--logistics. Cannot fit it into the schedule AT ALL.
    Crafting without a net--sounds so scary.

  6. My husband says the logistics thing too. I say you can always have a quickie behind the building or something. Where there's a will there's a way!

  7. I'm trying to imagine living without dairy...I don't know if I could do it. Well, especially now when I'm trying to down as much calcium as my body will absorb (I broke my right foot and want to be off crutches BEFORE Christmas).

    And I totally craft/sew/quilt without a net all the time. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. But if it always worked, I wouldn't have great stories to tell!

  8. I've done crafting without a net before, it's frightening.

    And if it makes you feel any better, I just threw away half a pan of homemade stuffing left over from Thanksgiving.

  9. Hey, I'm planting baskets of grass for the cats in my extended family. I'm as guilty of crafting without a net as the next gal. ;)

  10. Lol, make sure you bin that leftover mash! It gives off one of the most horrible smells when it's off :-0