Friday, December 09, 2011

7 Quick Takes: The Anti-Plaid Edition

--- 1 ---

Working on the fifth Lopi tote, folks - I'm getting there.  I think I'll get everything done, so long as I knit constantly between now and December 18th.

--- 2 ---

Theo is home.  I keep forgetting he is here and I get startled each time he walks into a room.

--- 3 ---

Does that only happen to me?

--- 4 ---

Larry, David, and Brian are all going on the Winter Survival camp out for Boy Scouts this weekend.  Sounds  Really.  Guess I'll just have to hold down the (comfortably warm) fort here at home.  I'm okay with that.

--- 5 ---

Oh, yes, Larry and I had a little disagreement this week.  Something to do with a shirt that had gone missing...

Larry: Hey, have you seen my shirt?

Me: Shirt?  What shirt?

Larry: The one hanging on the back of the bathroom door - I was going to wear it to church.

Me:  Oh, the one that didn't match the khaki pants you're wearing?  The ugly plaid one with the blue background and yellow stripes?

Larry: Yeah, the new plaid one from LLBean.  I like it.  Where is it?

Me:  I don't know.

He's cute when he looks confused like that.
--- 6 ---

I'll look like this, only without those lips
I swear, I don't interfere with Larry's wardrobe much.  But I can't look at him in Scotch plaid flannel.  I just can't.  Scotch plaid looks okay on a burly type of guy.  On skinny guys, though?  Plaid looks dorky, no matter how attractive the skinny guy is.  Plus, his dad (a very nice man, may he rest in peace) wore plaid.  With suspenders.  If  Larry insists on wearing that shirt, I'm going to dye my hair orange-ish red, just like my mom and all her friends did in their late 60's and 70's.

"What's with the orange hair?" Larry would ask me.  "Is it an old Jewish lady thing?" 

I don't know, Larry.  But what's with the damn plaid?  Is it an old New England guy sort of thing?  IS IT?

--- 7 ---

Jennifer is way too busy to confiscate her husband's plaid shirt.  For more Quick Takes, visit her at Conversion Diary!

[Woman knitting image: AVBBF
[Orange hair image: Your-Hairstyle]


  1. LOL! Yesterday Scott came to his parents house. He took off his sweatshirt and he was wearing a t shirt that not only had a big bleach mark on it but also had a ton of stains on it. I told him "nice to see you dressed up". Sheesh. Guess he'll be wondering where that shirt went soon. I don't mind if you have crappy shirts just don't wear them in public!

  2. 1. I thought the purpose of khaki trousers was to match any shirt you choose to wear with them.

    2. It's Scottish Tartan not "Scotch Plaid".

    3. Wearing plaid is a Middle-aged New Englander thing - along with a fleece vest if it's cold enough.

  3. Well, my husband is a skinny guy in plaid some of the time. But then, I normally like plaid. However, I'd like to hide one of his shirts: his mother gave it to him and his sisters and nephews complimented him on it at Thanksgiving. (I can't stand it, but I refer you to the previous sentence.)

    That cartoon? "Pull over! Pull over!"
    "No, it's a sweater."

  4. @anonymous - I did keep thinking it didn't sound right, more like "Scotch tape," you know? So thank you.

    But, no, khaki goes with ALMOST everything. Larry has a knack for picking out the one or two shirts he owns that do NOT go with khaki - a solid gray short-sleeved polo with his khaki shorts, say, or (as in this case) a plaid flannel shirt with thick bright yellow stripes. He almost prides himself on this skill of his. But it's hard on my eyes.

    Also? Heavy flannel with khaki-weight pants? No. It bothers me. Real flannel begs to be paired with jeans. But that is only a side-issue.

  5. My husband can't stand plaid. And he's got Scotch in him, too. Thankfully, from my point of view, the Scotch is only genotype, and the phenotype is all from the Italian side, since I come from the ethnic part of New England and not the old, plaid-wearing part. (If he ever turned into his dad we'd have problems...)

    He does have a pair of khakis I can't stand, though. They're the ickiest color brown, it's subtle, he can't see the difference at all, but I can, and I can't stand them.

    Also, my first thought was that Larry was Anonymous up there. Sounds a little...defensive, no? (And what is the point of vests? Arms don't get cold? MINE do. Probably because I'm from peasant Italian stock and not stoic Puritan stock.)

  6. My husband doesn't wear khaki --it's jeans all the way. But he loves all tartans/plaids, and wears lots of flannel shirts. Of course, he is a slightly burly guy, and it works for him. His students started teasing him about his flannel shirts a few years ago, so he's tried to branch out :-)

  7. Mine is a big guy but he isn't burly and I also forbid the plaid. I'd *LIKE* to also forbid the gaudy Hawaiian shirts that he insists on wearing each summer, but alas... I am only permitted one verboten per wardrobe. One day the ugly Hawaiian shirt will disappear... much like the plaid. And the peasants will rejoice.

  8. When I moved to LA from NY the first guy I dated (and subsequently wasted 7 years with because I'm that kind of a genius)came to the door wearing jeans and a plaid shirt. I was so confused because no one in NY would ever pick up a date dressed like that.

    In my head I thought, "Are we going gardening or something?"

  9. @Sarah - I'd take the Hawaiian shirt over the plaid one. Goofy-looking beats dorky-looking, in my book.

    @Suzy - I do not believe that anyone in LA wears plaid. I demand a picture as proof.

  10. I wish you could convince Mr. G. about the plaid thing--every shirt he owns, every one.

  11. I didn't think I had rules about Beloved's wardrobe, but one day, unaccountably, I found myself bellowing "NOT THAT SHIRT! I JUST IRONED THAT SHIRT! LET IT HANG IN THE CLOSET FOR A WHILE!" It made sense to me.

  12. Does that justify my hiding my husband's pink oxford shirt? And the mint green one? Uch.

    And I've been weeding out the short-sleeved plaid shirts. Uch again. Yes to windowpane check, no to plaid...

  13. Oh, and you're completely right. Khaki does NOT match yellow or grey. EVER.

  14. (Said sheepishly) I like plaid . . . . .

  15. @Faith - I have nothing against plaid, per se - just not on my husband! And, Mrs. G, I've seen pictures of Mr. G - he looks good in plaid (see "burly," above).