Friday, December 30, 2011

Love And Marriage

Okay, someone landed here by searching on the term 

 marriage "resigned to my fate"

I would just like to say that I am sorry your Google-esque cry for help was answered with a blog post comparing a dishwasher to a dead Osama bin Laden.  I'm sure that didn't provide any answers.  If you need inspiration on achieving conjugal bliss, though, you can read about how Larry and I manage to choose paint colors, share toothpaste tubes, and divvy up household tools.
Your marriage looks pretty good by comparison, no?

[marriage picture: Facebook]


  1. Given our e-mail conversation, this post has me laughing out loud! Should I share this blog post with the 2 lovebirds in my house? ;)

  2. Ain't analytics fun? This week I had hits from people seeking whale shit and wombat poop. And THEY got what they were looking for. Happy New Year!

  3. Happy New Year to one fun and honest woman!

  4. And don't forget that marriage-extending maxim: "Whoever leaves first has to take the kids." That one's held our marriage together for years now...

  5. This post was too funny! I have to go and check my analytical searches too now. lol I am frugal, and do squeeze every drop of that paste out! I do the same with cosmetics. lol lol Happy New Year funny lady!!


  6. Absolutely hilarious. Thanks.

  7. Way to give random internet searches what they need ;-) Love it.

  8. This is only my second short visit to your blog - but I'm hooked! I am new to blogs in general, and had the chutzpah over Christmas to start one of my own on a whim, but I have no idea what I'm doing... So I think I'll take you for a mentor!

  9. You know I've done this right?

    1. Googled "resigned to my fate" or poisoned your husband?