Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Meteorologists Can't Be Trusted

Um, let's just not talk about today's major snow disappointment, all right?  If you need the sorry details, you can check out Buzzfeed's rundown of the (non)event.  Suffice it to say that my kids handled it all with remarkable grace, while their mother hid in her bedroom closet and had a tantrum.

Gah - 70's mom hair
And now, to top it all off, my husband tells me Bonnie Franklin is dead.  AND I read that Valerie Harper is dying.  People, I was not a social butterfly in my youth.  I spent all my weekend nights at home or at my friend's house, watching sitcoms such as Rhoda and One Day at a Time.  And, yes, Loveboat.  So it feels as if all my friends are dying off, friends who - for me, anyway - are frozen as they were in the 1970's, young and energetic and sassy. 

Does this look like 73 to you?

Oh, all right, Bonnie was sort of annoying.  I only watched that show because I wanted to be just like Valerie Bertinelli.  But still, Ann Romano can't possibly be old enough to be dead, can she?  In my mind, she's always the thirty-something divorcee with the bad hair.  And Valerie Harper is forever the wise-cracking, thirty-something Rhoda Morgenstern.  Even though she is actually 73.  SEVENTY-THREE.

Once, on an airplane, my mother and I had a stewardess who looked and sounded just like Rhoda.  We thought that was very exciting. What can I say?  It was the 1970's, before you could follow celebrities on Twitter and act as though you knew them personally.  Meeting someone who resembled Rhoda was a BIG DEAL.  A rare occurrence, if you will, like a halfway decent snowstorm in our particular geographical area.

Yes, as a matter of fact, I AM still sulking.  Why do you ask?

[Bonnie Franklin image: Facebook]
[Valerie Harper image: National Enquirer]


  1. Even though I wasn't hoping for a snow day, I will admit to a pang of disappointment that there was not a flake anywhere when we got up this morning. Although there's still a hope of snow tonight, at least for us.

  2. My TV friends are still my BEST friends. They have interesting lives, tell me all their secrets and are amazingly low maintenance. I watched every. single. season. of Sex and the City while I was doing midnight, 3 am and 6 am bottle feedings for my twins during the first three months of their lives. And I went through serious withdrawal when there were no more shows...and then I read this and realized that - one day - Carrie Bradshaw will die. I never thought of this before...........

    We actually got the snow and all it did was make my 30 minute drive home from the airport turn into a 90+ minute commute. At midnight. Going 25 mph. Ugh.

  3. You live too far east. We got 12 inches in Front Royal... It's melted down to 3 inches deep today, will probably be gone by sunday?

  4. I would gladly have shared our snow with you. If it's any consolation, it is practically all gone today.

  5. I loved Valerie Harper as Rhoda. Then she guest-starred on Sex and the City and I loved her all over again as an older woman.
    That news about her made me sad.

  6. My Rainman says you should never listen to the T.V. meteorologists because they are all for blowing things totally out of proportion and scaring (or in your case - exciting) people! He fully admits that his job is the only one he can think of where you still get paid...even if you are consistently wrong! I think you and I had the same childhood. I rounded out my Saturday nights following The Love Boat by a dreamy hour of Fantasy Island.

  7. *sigh* I'm weary of death. I don't even think reading The Book Thief could cheer me up.

    Perhaps I should find a way to watch a couple episodes of The Love Boat? (It promises something for everyone!)

  8. I agreed with everything you wrote...including Bonnie's annoying hair. My son's student leadership class is in Washington DC this week doing the Capitol tour. All their Wednesday government tours were cancelled due to snow...they got a big hoot out that. Too much weather hype!!

  9. Ugh..sad, sad stuff. I was (and still am) a little too addicted to t.v. Bonnie's death felt like finding out your friend's "cool" mom had died. And Valerie..well shoot. She was the kick-ass Aunt with the cool clothes (did she rock the vest/bell bottoms look or what?). I hope she wrings every bit of life out of what she has left.

    I wish time would stop going so fast.