Thursday, April 04, 2013

Sumo Diapers Are Not Flattering

Here is the  movie my friend and I watched on our movie night this week:

A movie featuring overweight Israelis and sumo wrestling?  A chick flick?  Yes, it is, because it's really about the issues of self-perception and self-worth...AND it's funny.  Also, I'm pretty sure reading the subtitles burned extra calories.


  1. we had friends who lived in Japan for a summer and when they got back it was all about the Sumo wrestling. We had to watch the real thing with them....
    This looks pretty good.

    1. It was a wonderful film (so long as you don't mind subtitles). I love movies that leave me thinking about all the characters in them for days afterward.

    2. I don't mind subtitles for a good movie.
      And good movies are hard to find.
      There are some Japanese movies that I watched years ago with the same friends that were very good. They played on making fun of the culture. The funeral and another about a noodle shop.
      I need to look them up.

  2. It will never come to my town, but I'll watch for it on Amazon Prime or someplace. A long time ago my son could always bring down the house by doing the Sumo stance. Something about the trailer reminds me of The Full Monty...

  3. I'll definitely watch this!! :D

  4. Oh dear. That looks funny.

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