Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Fevered Maunderings

Yesterday I had to throw my largest mixing bowl on top of the HUGE wasp that was wandering around Rachel's bedroom floor. Then I waited for Larry to come home and do something with the monster.

I swear, I don't know what single moms do about these sort of problems. That creature looked big enough to lift small cars. Where the heck is my bug boyfriend when I need him?

The cold from hell is STILL here. I managed to ignore it Sunday and not only go to yoga class but also bike 20 miles with my Fit Friend, because, yes, we signed up again for the Tour de Cure and we have not trained at all. In 4 weeks, we have to bike 56 miles, and the 20 we did on Sunday almost killed us. Last night I went to Bunco, which must have been the last straw for my frail, pseudo-elderly self, because I spent the rest of the night feeling as though I were getting the flu.

I'm so much fun.

In high demand around here...

So today has been officially designated a do-nothing day. I mean, except for the science class carpool and, oh yeah, we're out of Kleenex, so I have to pop into Target. And I wiped down the bathrooms just now because it isn't as if my kids are going to leap into the breach here. So let's be realistic and call it a do-almost-nothing day, I guess.

We're out of Sudafed again, too. Didn't pharmacies used to deliver? What happened to that?

[Kleenex image: Kleenex.com]


  1. Yeah - whatever DID happen to pharmacy's delivering?! That seems like a huge step backward now that they don't do it.

    Feel better soon!

  2. My mom still had delivery on her drugs. She had a great neighbor drug store, no big box for her.
    They would bring them over and hand deliver.

  3. I still get to run out and fill a prescription for a sick child - tonight - hoping to shut down this service.
    For long distance hikers, a day where they rest and make no progress is a zero, and where they make very little progress is a nero. Take a few more neros.

  4. Isn't one of the kids old enough to go to Target for you? That only seems fair (unless you have to hand over money, in which case, it sounds dangerous).
    Hope you feel better soon!

  5. You know, I never take stuff like Sudafed because I swear it prolongs my colds. I do nothing but tea, lots of water and those cold-ease zinc things.