Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Procrastination Is Healthy

Better than homemade, I swear...
Well! I woke up yesterday, feeling worse than ever, and read all your comments on the last post and thought, "Yup, I definitely should go to the doctor. But not today. Today I have to bake brownies for Susie's Girl Scout thing and go to Target for more hair products and go to the store for dinner ingredients. And then I have to cook dinner. But tomorrow! Tomorrow I will go to the doctor."

Wouldn't you know, by 9 PM last night, I felt perfectly fine? Apparently, just planning to go the doctor has a salubrious effect. Or else it was the brownies...

And now, here we are - it's raining again. May has been confused this year, thinking it's April, and we have been having cold rains all month - not even the summer thunderstorms that we tend to get in May. Just cold dreary rain. Oh, occasionally the sky clears and the sun peeks out and we all run out to our yards to dump standing water (Zika!) and maybe try to plant something in the garden; but then the clouds come back and it rains once more. I'm handling it okay, until someone says, "May showers bring May flowers!" which happens about 3 times a day, and then I feel sort of homicidal.

Apropos of nothing, Rachel's flip phone fell into the toilet the other night (before she used it, so somewhat clean water). After agonizing, she did reach in and pull it out. When I told Larry about it, he said, "Well, at least she didn't put it there on purpose." You know, old trauma dies hard.

That's all today, folks. I have to head to the commissary, because we are all out of toilet paper and half a dozen other items, and anyway, why not? It's not as if we can go outside and enjoy the spring weather right now. Besides, we've got the Harry Potter books on Audible now, so any excuse for a car ride, eh?

[Brownie box image: Duncan Hines]


  1. I heard that there have been 15 cases of zika in Virginia.

  2. I went back and read the old trauma post, and now I want to hear more about what that girl has been up to since (besides dropping her phone in the toilet by accident). My deaf daughter was smart enough to lock the entire family out of the house -on purpose- when she was two and a half, and is still causing mayhem whenever she can (she's 16). Interesting kids make for interesting teens and adult!

  3. Here's my missing "s".

  4. Definitely the brownies. Next time, make them first.

  5. Well, now that you mention it, brownies ARE miraculous. Glad you are feeling better.

  6. There may be something to the Scheduling Cure: After a solid year of terrible gastritis (after my gallbladder removal), after trying everything he could think of, my FNP finally admitted defeat and referred me to a GI specialist. Within days my symptoms began to subside, I stopped my medications, and after a couple of weeks, I threw caution to the winds and cancelled the GI appointment. And now I can eat those brownies!

  7. Are you really, truly feeling better? I hope you do. This cough has gone on way too long.
    Almost as long as this stupid cold rain. You described the weather (and my feelings about it) perfectly.

  8. Brownies can be medicinal -- even more so if you live in certain states. (I'm all talk and no action on that subject.)

  9. Is the phone currently in a Ziploc bag or bowl full of rice?



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