Friday, May 13, 2016

I'm NOT A Hoarder, I Just Look Like One

Remember that Mother's Day promise? How Larry was going to get my 7-year-old minivan detailed inside and out for me? Maybe even have that door gasket fixed, the one that insists on falling on a person's head as he/she climbs into the car?

Still waiting. I even went ahead and cleaned the junk out of the car, to make it easier. That means my car no longer looks as if it is owned by a hoarder with a penchant for collecting empty egg cartons and assorted plastic produce containers. I had been meaning to drop those off at the local farm for months, you know, so they can use them for their CSA, and yesterday was the day that I finally made that happen. Until yesterday, they'd been rattling around my minivan, piled on top of the girls' supplies for their weekly art class, falling out every single time I opened the back hatch.

I'll admit, it was getting a bit embarrassing to carpool.

Shiny! New! Expensive!
So, I AM READY for my minivan makeover here. When I ask him, Larry keeps muttering some excuses about "work" and "putting food on the table," but we know the real reason here, don't we? He's probably annoyed about his turkey pot pie deprivation. Or maybe the fact that I am not very good about sharing the stash of Cadbury chocolate he bought me?

Maybe I should start leaving new car brochures around the house. That might do it.

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  1. We just paid off our car and my husband was like we should just go look at new ones. I was like no way are you kidding? We'd totally come home with a car payment. So yeah that method might work lol