Friday, May 20, 2016


Remember this, last summer? When I was in a lot of pain and thought it was my gall bladder, but it wasn't, and then I thought it was my pancreas, but it wasn't, and it turned out to be shingles? Well, in the middle of all that, I had a dental cleaning scheduled, which naturally I canceled.

That was 9 MONTHS AGO.

Somewhere, along about January, I thought, "Oh, hey, I missed that appointment, which means it's been a year since I've had my teeth cleaned. I need to call and make a new appointment." And, of course, I didn't. I was too busy, if "busy" is what you call sitting around and avoiding housework while whining about not having a job. So a few more months passed and I thought, "Oh, hey, now it's over a year and I really need to act like a grown-up and make an appointment." I even took the effort to install a new calendar app on my IPad at one point and carefully add to the to-do list "Make dental appointment."

Hides well among egg cartons...
Considering that I have the dentist's number memorized, it would have taken me less time to, you know, just call and MAKE THE APPOINTMENT. But no, that item sat on my shiny new to-do list, right under "Bring Zappo's box to UPS store," and nothing happened. (In my defense, the Zappo's box had disappeared into the junk heap that is the inside of my car, and I forgot about it. Because I never looked at that to-do list again.)

Note to self: To-do lists don't work.

I was NOT this happy yesterday.
Long story short, I finally dragged me and my mouth in there yesterday, where I had a different hygienist, not my usual one who knows that I normally am a very good dental patient, etc. So the new chick (who really was very good) was cleaning my teeth and kept saying things like, "These gums don't look good. Flossing is very important."

"I floss every night," I told her. "I missed an appointment [two appointments, I know, shut up], that's why they are bad."

"Also, you need to brush along the gum line. Angle your brush..."

"I do that," I interrupted. "My gums used to be great. Electric tooth brush, brush the gum line, floss every day - I'm just a little late for my appointment, is all."

Five minutes later, she said, "When you floss, you need to get up under the gums..."

"YES. I DO. I'm a moron, all right? I missed coming here for OVER A YEAR."

You know, I think she just wanted to hear me come right out and say it, confession being good for the soul, and all that. And how nice is it that I have a hygienist that is concerned about not only my gum health but also my eternal salvation, hmmm? I'm one lucky gal.

But I still hate being an adult.

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[Dentist image: Cliparts]


  1. I think the dividing line between youth and middle age is when the dentist (or at least the hygienist) stops scolding about your teeth and starts scolding about your gums.

  2. Self righteous hygenists. Ugh. Hate. I floss every stinking night, brush at least twice a day with an electric toothbrush ANGLING like they say, and do the appointments every 6 months. I still get the lecture from a cute little thing in her 20's every appointment. Some of that gum stuff is genetic. My mom and grandpa both had it. At least my dentist knows this and is kind. His wife has the same problem.

  3. It's one of my top Things I Hate About Being The Adult, making myself go to things like dental appointments and mammograms. Paying the bills, calling the plumber ... isn't someone more responsible supposed to be in charge of these things?

  4. AnonymousMay 20, 2016

    It STINKS when they get up on your business and try to shame you WHILE YOU ARE DOING THE APPOINTMENT. I don't have that with my current hygienist. I think I need to bring her chocolate or something.

  5. I became an adult when I stopped lying to the dental hygienist about how often I was flossing my teeth (never). That was then; shortly thereafter the dentist threatened me with dire consequences, and I started flossing. Almost every day...

  6. It's so much easier when the patient can truthfully say, "I know, I know. I just forget sometimes." (Me, every visit.) But when you do it already and it's just a matter of missed cleanings? FRUSTRATING!
    Also, I suspect that Jenny is correct.