Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Gotta Get Me A Rocking Chair

Okay,  I had another nero day today (as commenter Harry so aptly described it yesterday). My voice is completely gone, I'm coughing up gunk from my lungs, and when I eat, my stomach hurts, which makes no sense at all. Every time I dropped off to sleep last night, I would immediately wake up feeling as though I were choking (hello, adult croup!), so I knew from the start that not a lot would get done today.

Homemade mac-n-cheese - cures what ails ya
Only, NO. We had 3 (count them, 3!) doctor's appointments (none of which concerned my current plague), plus I had promised dinner to another family (not to mention my own), which meant I actually had to cook a real meal  (mac-n-cheese, with a side of buttered broccoli pre-chopped from Costco, because let's be realistic here). And that's how my not-very-restful sick day went down.

Don't worry, I made sure not to breathe on the finished product. I think my neighbors already look at me as though I am Typhoid Mary - no need to make things worse.

Somewhere in there, though, the girls and I did manage to watch the last Harry Potter movie (the one I took David to all those years ago). Because, yes, it is still raining here.  15 days and feels as if someone up and canceled the entire month of May. You know, May is usually the best month in this area - no mosquitoes yet, reasonable temperatures, relatively low humidity. But it ain't happening this year. We'll go from an extended April to our hot, muggy summer and there's nothing we can do about it.

I just spent this whole post complaining about my health and the weather - what am I, 80 years old? Apparently, yes.

[Mac-n-cheese image: Food Hacks]


  1. I clapped my hands together and killed a mosquito, center target, this evening. I'd forgotten about this bit of May here. Cheer up, lightning bugs are coming soon and at least you aren't sick when the weather is lovely?

  2. I hope that wasn't the recalled broccoli lol. Being sick sucks when you still have to take care of everyone!

  3. Look on the bright side. No black flies.