Saturday, May 14, 2016

Subs Are A Food Group, Right?

In case you're wondering, I am STILL coughing. STILL popping Sudafed and Excedrin. STILL eating my weight in Ricola cough drops. I am trying to be brave, for the children's sakes, but I can only assume that I have undiagnosed tuberculosis.

Hey, it's not potato chips...
The aforementioned children don't seem to mind that Mommy's sick, since that means they get to fend for themselves, nutrition-wise. Naturally, it's been like junk-food heaven around here lately. Still, we're running out of comestibles, junk and otherwise, so I am going to drag myself to Harris Teeter tomorrow and buy some more provisions. Which might mean the foot-long subs, if those are on sale - hey, they got us through the blizzard, right?

Rachel is running her first 5K tomorrow, with a group of Civil Air Patrol friends. To get ready, she has been running almost a mile nearly every morning. And I've been thrilled that this has given her an incentive to get out of bed before 10 AM this past month or so. Really, I've almost given up on rousing teens in the morning. I mean, as soon as they go to college, they sleep until almost noon, anyway. It's so bad, some colleges don't even bother offering the early morning classes anymore.

When I went to school, we walked to 8 AM classes, uphill, both ways. And we were HAPPY.

I tried to get Larry to sign up for the same 5K, but he says it's more important for him to stand on the sidelines and cheer Rachel on. I swear, the man's not even 50, but he's acting like someone's grandfather lately. Case in point: we were all happy for him when he took the plunge last January and got himself an honest-to-goodness smartphone - here he was, acting all 21st-century! And then he negated the whole with-it effect by showing up a few days later with a...thing...attached to his belt.

Coolness factor = zero
"What the heck is that?" I asked.

"It holds my phone," Larry said, proudly.

"Didn't Grandpa have one of those?" asked Brian.

"It's VERY useful," insisted Larry.

"Daddy, that looks weird," said Susie, who had wandered into the room during this conversation. "No one has that."

Larry turned to me. "They're making fun of me," he said, looking for support.

"I'm sorry, hon, but you might as well strap on a fanny pack and be done with it," I told him.

So now Larry is determined to wear the phone case just to bug us. His plan is totally working.


  1. My husband finally had to get rid of his phone belt holder because all the kids (he works with a lot of mid-twenty somethings to early-thirty somethings and he's almost 50)at work were making fun of him. Even though it's very practical it does look dorky. I guess fanny packs are practical too...

  2. Subs are indeed a food group. My son just moved into his first apartment - off campus living for the first time ever. He is right around the corner from Subway. I suspect he will be living on Subway food all the time. He claims it will be cheaper than the dining hall plan.

    I had to wake a lot of teens this weekend. It is a thankless task.

  3. I vote for subs as a food group too. As for teens sleeping in...yeah. My freshman year of college I was taking an accelerated calculus course that met 5 days a week at 8 am. With a prof who was a morning person. He was *happy* at us every day. Bleh.

  4. I see your "uphill both ways" and raise you 8 am swimming class in -30 degree weather. (Potsdam, NY). The trick was to run back to the dorm fast enough so that we could comb the ice out of our hair before it melted and then we didn't have to actually dry our hair for as long.
    And yes, subs are a food group, but chocolate anything is better!

    1. Oh, I like this! And I was in New York State, too, so that uphill was covered with ice. I distinctly (no joke) remember crawling the last bit one cold morning.

    2. I went to college in Orono, Maine. Got back from swimming one evening and walked into the dorm. Glasses went opaque. I went to take them off and found they were *frozen to my eyebrows*. I had to stand there in the lobby of the dorm, completely blind, with my hands cupped around them until I could melt enough ice to get my glasses off. (But I didn't swim in the AM, so at least there was that!)