Monday, May 16, 2016

Sick Of This

I rode bicycles with Susie today, and I went to Costco, and I walked to the drugstore for more cough lozenges, because I AM STILL SICK. I keep trying to pretend that I am not (see above re cycling and shopping and walking), but I am. A friend suggested that maybe some real medical advice is in order, but I can't imagine what they would say. This doesn't feel bad enough to be pneumonia (well, most of the time) and I've crossed diphtheria off my list, since I'm still alive. What else is there?

Can you tell I really hate going to the doctor? HATE.

So I'm sitting here, sucking on my Ricolas and pretending I will feel better tomorrow. If you don't hear from me again, you can safely assume I dropped dead of menthol overdose. Is that even a thing? Should I Google it?


  1. How bad is your doctor? Seriously, after this long, it may actually BE pneumonia. (I made my poor daughter walk around chronically-but-not-critically-sick for weeks and weeks and finally took her to the doctor because her perpetual cough was so annoying. She will never let me live it down.) You don' t have to imagine what they'll say--they'll SAY IT: "Here's a prescription for that upper respiratory infection; next time don't wait so long."

  2. Me too commenter above ^^^. Last winter. As soon as I got on antibiotics, I finally started to get over the dang cough.

  3. Your commenters are in agreement here, SC.
    Better living through chemicals!

  4. Google nothing - WebMD exists solely to convince us all we are dying. Go to the doctor. Or if you don't want to deal with the hassle of setting up and appointment, go to Urgent Care. It seems there are quite a few cases of walking pneumonia this year.

  5. Another vote for doctor. Target clinic is easy and fast.

  6. I vote for the doctor, too, and I hate going to the doctor. Even if you are able to just rule things out, that's something. In our area there is a nasty strain of strep going around, and when my daughter got sick recently I was glad to know that's not what she had. Feel better soon.