Wednesday, May 03, 2017

A Lot Of Drama

Party Train!
As you may have guessed by now, Susie and I finally made it home. Let me note here that the train from Chicago to DC was the ONLY ONE where the club car attendant deemed it necessary to announce that, while there was beer and wine for sale on the train, passengers should remember that it was a limited supply and that they should leave enough for their fellow riders. He also informed us that anyone who became over-intoxicated would be escorted off the train at the next stop.

I guess people heading into DC these days feel the need to become completely inebriated. I wonder why?

Poor things - they don't know they're doomed
While we were gone, spring happened. I wandered around the neighborhood for 2 days exclaiming, "It's so green!" And "Look at all the trees!" The Farmers Market opened right after our return, so I was able to buy some of the plants I'm going to end up killing this summer. Susie was just glad to get back to a full fridge and not having to pull her suitcase around strange cities for miles and miles.

As soon as we returned, Theater Arts Madness started. Rachel was at rehearsal for Beauty and the Beast until 10 every night that week. Then there were the weekend shows and Sign-Up Geniuses appearing in my email every other minute to cajole me into working shifts at the concession stand and the ticket office and I don't know what all.

You know, my hat is off to all you non-homeschooling parents. How do you DO all this? I have to admit, I was looking forward to the fact that the last performance would be this Saturday evening - that is, until I saw today's email, which cheerfully announced that the cast party would be held in the next town over from 10 PM until midnight on Saturday night.


Are Theater Arts parents vampires or something? I don't know about anyone else, but I have a packed day this Sunday, and the thought of staying up late to retrieve Rachel from a party Saturday night makes me want to cry. I tried foisting the job off on Larry, but he reminded me he would be getting up even earlier than me on Sunday, to drive Rachel to some 5K for Lyme thing she is running in.

The sad one had to do the late pick-up, I'm guessing

Teens are exhausting, is what I am trying to say. Or else I'm just too old for this - that's a distinct possibility.


  1. I just want to pinch the heads off that basil. It's super green here.

  2. I remember the days of staying up to pick up my child...I don't miss that part of his childhood AT ALL.

  3. That sounds exactly like a post-drama cast party. UGH. And I'm a night owl!
    As for the party train, that was also a train car (minus the actual ability to purchase booze) for my husband's commute coming home from DC each night. He called it the party car. Most of the folks imbibing were traveling all the way to West Virginia and hopefully had rides home from the train station.

  4. I hope it will get better, you never know ... :)

  5. I have some friends with kids at the high school my son will be attending in the fall and their kids are in all the school theatre productions. I am keeping my fingers and my toes crossed that my kids do not want to participate! Is that bad??

  6. "I was able to buy some of the plants I'm going to end up killing this summer." That's my plan, too! Except our farmer's market isnt open yet.

    Yes, teens are exhausting. Especially the theater, orchestra, band, and debate team kids. I have no experience with sports kids. I have magine those are doubly exhausting. All that driving them places.

  7. How old is Rachel now? Sounds like she needs an Uber ;)