Thursday, May 11, 2017


That's how many emails I deleted in one fell swoop today, 9861.

So, uh, if I was supposed to get back to someone and you don't hear from me? That's why. Also, this reminds me that I have never heard back from upnitestx, who won the Yarn Harlot book from me, lo, many months ago and sent me her address, only I deleted her email and had to ask for her address again.

I never received it. Either she quit reading this blog in disgust, or she decided she didn't want to have any further dealings with someone as disorganized as me. I don't know, but I'll try again. I'm not proud.

UPNITESTX: please send me your address. I promise I won't lose it. Knitting Rules has been sitting on my desk for, oh, 3 months now and I'd really like to get it to you!

I just went and checked my email to see how it would feel to see only one or two messages in there, and it was still completely empty, and I got this weird, panicky feeling, like I had lost something. Or like I had completely ceased to exist.

Empty, like my soul....and my photography abilities

No emails, no cards, no insurance policy. No Zuzu's petals...

So maybe being organized is not for me...


  1. I LOVED the Zuzu's petals reference...yes, I'm a It's a Wonderful Life nerd.

  2. And...I forgot to say...Boom! There's an email (or two) for your now spic-n-span inbox.

  3. Oh look I'm caught up!

  4. That's so funny because I just did the same thing. Yesterday. I had, like 9000 (not even exaggerating) emails on my phone and about half that on my computer. Cleaned 'em all out. Yes, I feel like a loser when I go to my inbox and it's completely empty, but man is it freeing! Makes me want to go clean something else out.

  5. You have a pretty background for your email. And now you can see it better, without all that distracting email in there!

  6. P.S. Your "Tweets like by" section is saving my sanity.

  7. Saves mine, too - I just looked at the Handmaids-themed one and cracked up all over again! "But you said it wouldn't pass the Senate..." OMG

  8. I am in awe of your bravery.
    I did it once, back in 1999, and my tech-geek neighbor kid explained that I'd "dumped the Colonel" and that was why my email no longer worked... or maybe it was my computer that no longer worked. At any rate, he fixed it and warned me to never do it again. And now you're telling me it WON'T crash my computer if I delete everything?