Tuesday, May 30, 2017

THANKS, US Concordia!

Whelp, looks as though Larry and I no longer have to argue over those rugs! It turns out, according to the friendly ladies at my dental practice, that my dental insurance is now a piece of crap. The company left the Dental Health Alliance last year (unbeknownst to us), because it wanted to decide for itself what the allowable charges for standard dental procedures should be. And then pay 40% of THAT, instead of 40% of what they actually cost.

The upshot being, my new crown and filling will cost me over $1400 out of pocket . My insurance company? It's shelling out a whopping $380.  That's 27%, folks. I feel so ripped off. And stupid.

So, yeah, new rugs for the family room will have to wait.

But no matter, there's no room for rugs in the family room right now, anyway. Theo came home from the Army last Wednesday, with all his stuff. Anna (our newly minted college graduate) has been delivering her things here daily, as her lease is up tomorrow. Remember this picture?

It was beautiful while it lasted.
It doesn't look like that anymore. Not even close. There are bikes parked in front of the fireplace, boxes and rubbermaid containers EVERYWHERE, and we have to climb over things to get to the couch and TV. In other words, we seem to be back to normal down there.


In other news, it keeps raining here. Normally, I would mind; but every day it rains is one more day I don't have to humiliate myself by wearing a bathing suit in public. So I'm sort of at peace with the inordinate amount of precipitation we've been receiving, is what I'm saying. Silver lining and all that...

Tomorrow I can share pictures of the flowers Susie helped me pick out for the front porch and the back deck. I can tell you about Brian's exploding light fixture and Susie's abominable table manners. Not tonight, though, because I have to get to sleep. Tomorrow is a driving day. And we all know how much I LOVE driving.


  1. Single payer now.

    Clutter is love.

    Driving is love.

    If you ever get the geometric color block rug, "Left foot YELLOW" etc.

  2. I've believed for YEARS that we need massive insurance reform. We are being screwed over -- and when I say this, I am envisioning a Phillips screwdriver torquing that poor screw (us) so tightly that it is stripped -- and it seems like the only ones profiting these days are the insurance companies and the pharmaceutical companies. Of course, with 45 and his administration, things aren't likely to get better.
    I think I'll go cry now...

  3. Beth RiddickMay 31, 2017

    Sympathy for the overloaded living room. My kids are getting ready to leave for college and have been asking me what I plan to do with their rooms and whether or not there will be a place for them to stay during school breaks. I specifically haven't promised them anything.

  4. Jeesh. That's the problem with magazine spread rooms: nobody can live in them. Sounds like these guys are doing too much living though! So sorry about the insurance thing. We've gotten hit with huge bills for my daughter's cochlear implant stuff. What a budget killer - and not for anything fun either!