Monday, May 22, 2017

Fashion Alert 2017

Bad news on the fashion front, folks! I mean, not as bad as the (thankfully) short-lived bubble shorts phenomenon, but's bad. Look over there to the right (I mean, if you're reading this on desktop - I have no idea where the pictures show up if you're reading this on your phone) - see that shirt? See the problem?

If you don't, you probably aren't short and round. BANDED BOTTOMS, people. Shirts with banded bottom hems are coming back in style. Go on, ladies, emphasize that post-menopausal Buddha belly with a garment that makes it look even rounder!

Good Lord, what's next? The return of Oxford button-down shirts for women? I mean, I sure miss having to check to see if all those buttons stayed closed, don't you?

IMO, the fashion world hates short busty women. HATES.


  1. Alas, the oxford-style shirt is still alive and well in corporate-land- I have a couple with my company logo that I wear when we have customers in. Complete with a strategically placed stout safety pin so I don't show off any assets that aren't appropriate....

  2. The elastic banded shirt is pretty horrifying, but fortunately this isn't my decade to buy clothes, so I can probably avoid these successfully!

  3. Egads! Didn't this trend flare up and fade out fairly quickly a couple of years ago and now its back again so soon?!

    My major complaint with the fashion out there now (other than the fact that even in the Petite department, the pants are still miles too long) is everything; particularly all the floral and the shoulder cut outs. It's either designed for your great grandmother or a twenty-something. Makes a woman hate to go shopping.

  4. Well, better than the neon I saw come back a couple of years ago (shudder).

  5. Blech to the banded bottom shirt.

  6. Bottom bandedd shirts and cold shoulders-both terrible