Monday, May 15, 2017

"Seasonal" Means Nothing In Our House

So, the weekend was sort of busy, what with working at the yoga center and Mother's Day and ANNA GRADUATING FROM COLLEGE.

Anna gave me these. See? NICE.
Remember Anna? 10 years ago, she was the teen girl so many of you loved reading about, filled as she was with contempt and loathing for her parents and siblings and the plebeian life into which she had mistakenly been born. Actually, she might still be filled with contempt and loathing, but - being an adult - she hides it better. And, hey, that's good enough for me.

Anyway, Anna (and other teen girls like her) was the one we all gleefully concocted the "Getting a Clue" curriculum for, lo those many years ago. She seems to have passed with flying colors, having lived on her own and worked and gone to school for the past several years; and for that Larry and I will always be thankful. Also, she's turned out to be a pretty nice person, so that's always a plus.

So we had a little party for her. Of course, "a little party" meant that we spent all day Saturday and then Sunday morning going through our pre-party ritual of cleaning up the house enough to make it presentable for outsiders. Theo was here, too (I TOLD you the weekend was busy); he is about to detach from the military, after 4 years in, so any spare time Larry and I had? Was spent dispensing unwanted advice for his future.

BIG CHANGES. Gosh, these kids all used to be so little.

Where was I? Oh, yes, cleaning up. So, some time in the middle of our housecleaning frenzy, Larry said, "Can we do something about this snowman?" And I thought, "WHAT?"

I mean, come on, hadn't I finally rid our home of all winter holiday flotsam and jetsam? Hadn't I, after many tries, finally tracked down the last bit of Christmas/Chanukah decorations? Haven't I been humiliated enough?

Outside temp reads 64. He should be melting.
I looked where Larry was pointing, and there it was: Susie's paper snowman, which she asked me to leave up until the end of winter, and, well, it's May now. He was prominently mounted on the wall next to the thermostat, where (in theory) I should have noticed him, as I check the outside temperature every single day. But, no, I had no idea that snowman was there.

And, yes, he is still hanging up there on our wall. Susie likes him.


  1. We had a college graduation over their weekend as well, and today I am texting with the graduate about how to get his car registered in new state (and get state insurance). And shepherding child #2 for her first job interview. And will have to push child #3 to extra instrument practice as his lesson got moved up and we spent the weekend 6 hrs away at graduation. No wonder I'm exhausted.

  2. How can Theo already been done with 4 years in the military, and how can Anna be graduating from college? This cannot be. They are still children, aren't they? Good grief, we are old.
    Congratulations to each of them -- and to their parents!
    Keep the snowman up. He's there to make you feel cooler this summer.

  3. In your defense regarding the snowman, it's been a cold April and May. And that reminds me, I still have to take down the streamers I put up for Passover, a month ago.

    Congratulations to YOU on your kids' milestones.

  4. Hahahaha! I wouldn't have noticed the snowman either. At this point, you might as well leave him up through next winter.

    Congrats to the recent graduate.

  5. lol well before long you won't have any kids art work on the walls so I say leave it :)