Tuesday, May 09, 2017

I Don't Speak Very Well For The Trees

 I stepped outside today and saw our rhododendron bush blooming, so I know it must be May, but boy, it's cold! And this pic of the bush (which is truly magnificent, because I have never touched it with my guaranteed black thumb) doesn't even do it justice; but I couldn't snap the full view from the front, because that angle is now blocked by a completely dead (really, most sincerely dead) dogwood tree, which expired without any warning whatsoever.

Actually, the tree did look a tad sickly last August, when we came back from Acadia; but we chalked that up to the abnormally dry summer we had had. "It'll come back," we assured each other. "Next spring, you'll see." Only it didn't, so there it stands, ruining our view of our gorgeous rhododendron and presenting a grim reminder of the consequences of horticultural ignorance.

Hey, I know - let's look at some before and after pictures!



I don't know what I did wrong with this tree, since I have benignly neglected it with the same non-zeal as I have applied to our flourishing rhododendron; but I am obviously a murderer of all things good and beautiful. It's a special talent of mine.

In other news, on this blog's Facebook page, I posted a link to a house that is for sale in Canada. People, that link got more views than anything I have ever written myself. At the risk of sounding like a purveyor of clickbait, go find out why! (Really, I don't want to spoil it. Just check it out.)

(Also, trigger warning: CLOWNS)


  1. Well, now I have to check out Facebook and will probably be sucked into looking at my feed. Thanks. I feel ya on the black thumb - I have one too.

  2. That rhododendron is gorgeous! As for the tree, I don't think it's your fault it probably just succumbed to a tree disease.

    I saw that house this morning on my Twitter feed...I'm shocked their Realtor didn't ask them to "de-clown" the place.

  3. Maybe the bush sucked up all the nutrients :)

  4. It was a pretty Dogwood tree, but yes, it's definitely time to take it out. Which probably means money spent. How long can you ignore it?