Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Time In A Bottle

Today I spent assiduously avoiding my email, because really some people are NOT NICE when they get behind a keyboard. Oh, not blog readers, you all are wonderful. But in the real part of my life, where I have real responsibilities, sometimes people write emails saying things they would never say to my face. And I'm tired of it. The drama, it's exhausting. And completely unnecessary.

Also, my water heater still doesn't work and I told the company that installed it I want a new one, and they're all, "Problem? We don't see a problem." Which was totally not the right response.

So I looked for something I could have some control over today, and I ended up cleaning out the 2 kitchen cabinets that are always full of stuff. FULL. Every time I try to put something in them, I can't, because STUFF. So I pulled everything out and found several superannuated items that could be discarded.

Did I say "several"? I meant, A LOT.

See that picture, to the left there? From left to right, those items expired in 2015, I-don't-even-know, 2014, and (drum roll please) 2007.

We moved here in 2007. Although, actually, I think I inherited that curry powder from a neighbor who moved away in 2012. Not that that makes any more sense, really - I mean, that means 5 years ago I accepted a jar of curry powder that was already 5 years past expiration date. And then I kept it in my cabinet ANOTHER 5 years. And I never used it - not even once.

Look for me on "Hoarders" any day now.

That salady-looking stuff, second from the left, was foisted on me by Auntie Kate, who bought it from the gift shop when we all went to Monticello. Let me see...that was back in April of 2012. So, yeah, I'm tossing it. Sorry, Auntie Kate! Don't give me things!

I've never used Old Bay seasoning. Maybe that was from the neighbor who moved, also?

Anyway, these were the top contenders, but a lot of other stuff went also - for example, a rubbermaid container of tapioca and another rubbermaid container of caraway seeds, which I think used to reside in my fridge. 2 little jars of poppy seeds. Some essence of coconut whatever that Larry must have bought during one of his baking binges. An open packet of Jello.

I was thinking it was odd I had all this junk in there, considering how thoroughly I cleaned out the cabinets during our pantry moth invasion, which hey, wasn't that long ago. Then I looked up on this blog when that had occurred and it turns out it was, oh, 7 years ago.

Feels like yesterday.


  1. Good for you- I have a spice cupboard and pantry full of expired stuff I am no where near ready to get rid of. If 5 year old rosemary saves me a trip to the store I will still use it. Don't tell anyone.

  2. previous comment disappeared as I was typing it. Anyway, I did a similar clean out a few years ago; it's probably time to do it again. I found similar items similarly expired, but never an open packet of jello. I wonder what part of the contents were used for. Now THERE'S a mystery to investigate.

  3. Our kitchen is going to be gutted in a few months - I anticipate many similar finds once I buckle down and start eliminating. Years ago, when I lived at my old house, I grabbed a bag of partially eaten chips from my pantry and offered them to my sisters who had stopped by unexpectedly. They were so old my sisters took one nibble and groaned racing so they could spit out the disgusting tasting stuff. I realized afterwards that the bag smelled like paint varnish. Oops. I guess it really is no mystery why my sisters and I aren't close.

  4. My husband will occasionally go through our pantry and the amount of stuff thrown away is unbelievable. He will then systematically write the expiration dates in GIANT numbers with a sharpie and put them back in with the newest expiration dates at the front. Sounds like a plan, doesn't it?

    And then, he will go to the grocery store (as he does at least once or twice a day) will find something on sale (that we don't) need, buy a bunch of it bring it home and put it in the pantry - in the front. *sigh* And the cycle continues.

  5. LOL just like yesterday! I have a bunch of random stuff my friend gave me when she moved across the country. I need to toss that stuff since I haven't used it in the 2 years she's been gone.

  6. So, you're telling me that 9-year-old tapioca is probably too old? Next you'll probably be telling me that cornmeal has an expiration date!