Monday, May 07, 2018

No Veggies, No Yard Work

It was my Aldi's day, but I didn't get anything interesting to show you, not even my fave rice puddings. I also went to Costco, where you can buy a large 18" pizza for $10, because I believe in feeding my kids healthy like that.

Hey, there were veggies on it, you know.

Speaking of veggies, I am once again staring in confusion at the little "save it for the blog" notes I make for myself throughout the day. This morning, I scribbled "No veggies, no yard work." I remember feeling confident that I would know what I was talking about - later, when I would need it. AND thinking it was something funny.

Anyone want to take that and run with it? Because I have no idea what it means.

Gratuitous photo of cute doggie in a convertible. You're welcome.

In other news, Larry bought a new keyboard and mouse last night (with Brian's help, because we are now utterly dependent on that kid's tech advice) and I'm having trouble with it. I mean, I usually don't pay attention to my typing, but now I feel as if my fingers are falling into the spaces between the keys, which makes no sense, but there you are. Or there I am, anyway.

I sort of want one of those keyboards that look like an old manual typewriter, actually.

I went into Best Buy this morning during Brian's shift, so he could show me the other keyboards. I tried gazillion of them, and by the end I decided to just go back to my old one. I know! It was just overwhelming, and once I started paying attention to my typing, NOTHING felt right. I think Brian needs to sneak a new keyboard on my desk every night until we happen on the one I don't notice. If that makes any sense...

Gratuitous flower photo - it's azalea season here, in case you couldn't tell

So I'm still typing on this new thing because I don't know how to switch back to the old one and Brian is busy trying to finish up schoolwork for senior year and is probably just sick of me and my keyboard problems anyway. In fact, I suspect he's scratching tally marks on his bedroom wall, just counting the days until he can get away from us.

34, to be exact. He has 34 days. Then he gets to go on a free trip to Israel (courtesy of Birthright, given to those Hebrews among us) for 10 days, after which he'll stay and hang out over there with Anna and Theo for a while more. (Anna and Theo have been in Israel since September, teaching English to kids who speak Arabic. What with that and David's spring-semester internship in Texas, we are currently a far-flung family.)

Everyone gets back here some time in the summer, though, and chaos will reign. Chaos and potato salad, actually. Speaking of which, I made my first potato salad of the season just a few days ago, but I forgot to take a picture to share with you all.

That moment will just have to be lost to posterity, I'm afraid. But the potato salad was greeted with great rejoicing by Susie, who has a particular predilection for potato salad sandwiches. No, we don't understand the concept either. But who are we to argue? Remember, she's the grandchild.


  1. The azaleas are gorgeous as is the puppy in the convertible. How cool for your kids to be able to travel so much; what a gift that is. Veggies and yard work; I'm not finding the correlation either; perhaps you were thinking of planting a vegetable garden?

  2. That's what I'm thinking Bee--- if you dontd plant a veggie garden you don't have to work on it. Those azaleas! How do they bloom that much without conking out afterwards? That seems like an overwhelming amount of energy put into blooming. I wish they grew here. In Utah the soil is too alkaline. Hence the Great Salt Lake and salt flats. Or wait, it's related anyway somehow. Salt and lime in the soil something. I wish I had enough Hebrew blood to qualify for that trip. I know I have some, and I would love to see Israel.

  3. I do the same thing with notes for my blog. I have little slips of paper with scribbles written on them floating around my purse and my computer desk. I totally agree with you on the keyboard. Tank broke off the little support stand thing on one side of the keyboard, so now my keyboard wobbles when I use it. It is making me nuts, but I know I won’t survive adjusting to a new keyboard. (Oh the next day he broke off the output tray thing on the printer. Oh, that boy.)

  4. Maybe try measuring the qwertyuiop total distance on your beloved keyboard and trying out keyboards that match that? In theory, one will adjust eventually and stop mistyping; but also in theory, some keyboards are better ergonomically for some peoples' hands/fingers, so eh, I don't know. Also, when one has been typing on one keyboard for long enough, it can take... a while... to fully adjust to new key spacing, sensitivity, depth, etc. So don't feel like you are crazy - it is not you, it's your muscle memory and proof that you're really touch-typing from memory Like A Pro instead of hunt-and-peck-ing. :-) (most people, if you ask them to explain in detail how to tie a shoe, also end up fumbling, so there is that, too; there are many things we just *do* rather than thinking through the individual motions of)

  5. My son picked out a keyboard that lights up, I like it!

  6. Beautiful azaleas, and I imagine that a potato salad sandwich is a bit like egg salad sandwich? (Question: must one use potato bread?) I love having a vegetable garden but I only like to look at it and eat the fruits of my husband's labor. I've planted my own exactly once as an adult, and it didn't end well.
    Sometimes i stay late at work to check facebook there because, not only is my laptop shared with the teenager and the husband, my laptop keyboard and work keyboard are so different it's difficult to change back and forth in the same day.