Monday, November 26, 2007

Happiness Is Not A Warm Teenager

I would like to draw everyone's attention to this article in the New York Times, which discusses happiness levels in the general US population. My favorite line therein is "People who live with teenagers are the unhappiest of all."

Thank you. I'd suspected as much, but it feels good to have some official statistics to back me up. Now excuse me while I go take another Valium.

I've sorted out all the Christmas presents I scooped up at Michael's, just to make sure I hadn't made a mistake; but, no, I had just the right number for each kid. I thought I was spending an average of 15 dollars on each kid, but it looks to be closer to 25 dollars a person when all is said and done. Which is way too high, but the hell with it. Call me a spendthrift.

Larry is offering to take me out tonight, which is nice considering I've been spending all his money. Meaning, I had to take Anna to Kohl's again today. She was fairly exuding tolerance, but you could tell she was thinking, "If only I could drive myself, I could dump this stupid old lady."

Of course, if I could manage to get a real job that pays real money, we could afford to hire someone else to do all the stuff I've been doing around here for free, like chauffering a teenage girl with a lousy attitude to the clothing stores. Then again, with a real job, I might have to deal with super-annoying people all day who aren't even related to me, and that might put me over the edge. So I'll stick with being a kept woman for now, thanks.

My boss wants the computer. And I need to go to bed in order to get up on time to go for the walk my fiendish neighbor insists on dragging me on. And I'm too tired to fix that last sentence. Good night!


  1. Every Sunday I have one all important chore: cut out the 40% off coupon for Michaels. And today I happened to get TWO of them in my paper . . . I wonder if they'll let me use them with one visit, or will I have to use one coupon, then go to my car and re-enter the store to use the second coupon? Either way, I WILL use those coupons!! I loved the idea of the kids shopping in your bedroom! God bless!

  2. Lifestyle manager, eh? I can't imagine what high stress, pain in the a** clients this kind of work would come with. Urg. No thank you. Sounds like you've been vedy vedy busy.

  3. I haven't even started Christmas shopping yet, I don't even have a clue as to what I'm going to buy, and it is cold outside, which makes me feel even less like shopping. If you started working again, you'd probably end up doing most of what you do now plus your outside job. It's not worth it. :)

  4. "Now excuse me while I go take another Valium." LOL!!!! That was really funny. I just about spit my milk out through my nose.

  5. Although I have yet to aquire teenagers, we are getting closer.
    My oldest will be 9 in April, and his moods are already detestable.
    The only thing is, I just LOVE teenage boys! They're so cute an quirky with all their vocal changes and hormonal stuff. I think its adorable, and I'm looking forward to all three of my boys being teenagers at the same time.
    At that point, however, I may put the game room in the garage...and a shower!

  6. ok my 6 year old sounds like your teenager. Really. No lie. YAY for Michael's. I have a feeling a lot of my shopping will be done there this year.

  7. Teens in a funk? I recommend deep breathing or a stiff shot of whiskey. As a mom of a 17-year-old girl, I am happy to report that the driver's license has transformed my kid into a happy, happy girl. Maybe it's dipping a toe into freedom that makes the difference.

  8. That happiness/teenager thing? Yes. I believe it.

  9. Thank goodness, you've explained it. Here I thought I was parenting all wrong and there was a possiblity of having both happiness and a teenager.

    I think I need a valium too. And to go shopping.

  10. aaaaahhhhh... a fellow mom of teens. Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment! You mentioned you homeschool. We homeschooled for 9 years and this is our first year not homeschooling any of them. Quite an adujustment! Our girls (17 & 18) are in an early college program and our son is in high school. I'm going to have to read that article and then send it on to my husband!

  11. My husband came home with a survey he'd heard that said married people are unhappier than singles. No kidding, I said. Can't imagine why, buddy.

  12. Oh I just can't wait for my little angels to become teenagers. Love that article!! Too funny.

  13. For many years I requested a "wife" for Christmas. But a GOOD wife. You know... one like me! Never worked, but one can dream. SIGH

  14. Hope you got some sounded beat!

    I'm not looking forward to the teenage years, but something tells me that having *girls* is harder.

    You need to take Larry up on his offer to go out at some point. It'll do wonders for morale.


  15. Yes, I saw that too. I believe it. I remember thinking having toddlers was hard...hahaha..THAT was the easy stuff.

  16. bia - glad to hear I'm not the only one who lives for that coupon...

    sue - my husband said the same thing.

    mrs. g - there's no way she's getting a license until she gets her brain back.

    angela wd - life is so much simpler when you stop expecting the impossible, isn't it?

    madmad - did he seem surprised?

  17. My Michaels has started accepting the coupons even if I don't have it with me! I just tell the girl I forgot it and she gives me the discount.

    I think teenagers make us unhappy and RUIN marriages. Sigh. Good thing we love them....all of them.

  18. Teenagers! With eight down and one to go, I can say that mostly they do eventually leave home with their laundry, snack wrappers, and angst and take residence elsewhere. Then you can begin to enjoy them as they become actual people. And feel happy when they visit (unless they are returning to stay, bringing their dog, spouse, and two children with them). Assuming you are still sane.

  19. Lifestyles manager...Only in Northern Virginia would they come up with THAT one... Though I will say one really gruesome neighborhood venture sprung up from folks right down the street from me: a dog poop pick-up business. For all those busy folks who don't have time to clean up the pooh themselves. Maybe we're lucky our dogs just go out and eat it LOL

    And then in a recent neighborhood newsletter, some new residents were seeking a "full-time nanny/household manager" . Job details included watching children, cleaning house, cooking, driving, paying bills."
    Uh, didn't they mean they were looking for a wife/mother?

  20. Living with 3 teens I so agree with the, "People who live with teenagers are the unhappiest of all."
    So sad but true!! I have called and told my mom sorry about 100 times.



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