Saturday, November 17, 2007

It's Payback Time

Today is notable in that I got nothing done whatsoever. And our handyman ran away. And our kitchen reeks because there is nothing but smelly 25-year-old plywood on the floor, and if it gets wet it releases into the air every single odor it has absorbed for the past quarter century. And it turns out that the tile guy, who Larry thought was coming tomorrow, is not coming until after Thanksgiving (as in, 2 weeks too late to save my marriage). This bad timing of Larry's might just be worth a sizable Pampered Chef order, what do y'all think?

The handyman whose number was given to us by a neighbor only after she swore us to secrecy as to his identity (this is the sort of neighborhood that has experienced extremely hostile handyman takeovers) and who finally agreed to come to our house to fix (among other things) the coat closet door, the attic door, the linen closet door (we seem to have a problem here), and the missing shoe molding - not to mention building a storage bench to throw all our crap in so it isn't all over the living room - came to our house today, took one look, and decided he would put things off until Monday.

I think I'll add another few items to that Pampered Chef order.

Larry has been downstairs most of the evening trying to get our gas fireplace to light. The instruction card is covered with those international symbols for DANGER and the smell of gas is wafting up the stairway. Dear Lord, please don't let him blow the house up. Although that would take care of the smelly kitchen floor problem. And the centipedes.

Let me mention here that the 2 gas fireplaces were one of his reasons for wanting to buy this house, thereby adding unnecessary pain and suffering to our lives over the past year. Now he's downstairs experiencing a serious case of delayed buyer's remorse. Good.

Hmmm....ordering some sock yarn from KnitPicks might be a good idea also. Larry's feeling pretty bad about the floor; I might as well take advantage of it.

Barb , who manages to be endearingly funny all the time (and riotously funny at least half the time), has tagged me for another meme. Gosh, I feel popular. Maybe tomorrow. In the meantime, go read her contribution. It's great.

(I didn't mention my kids once in this post. That's a first. They'll be back tomorrow, I'm sure.)


  1. I so love being in eighth grade with you. You say the nicest things in your notes...but don't let the teacher catch us passing them in class.

    When I first read the title of this post, I thought, "Uh, oh." But it's just LARRY who's suffering the payback--whew! Hey, is having a sale. I'm just sayin'.

  2. I'm not sure there IS enough yarn. OR Pampered Chef stuff. What else can you add to your list?

    Oh--intarsia is blocks of color, and you drop one yarn when you pick up the next. In stranded knitting, you're carrying all the colors along the back.

  3. On top of the Pampered Chef and the yarn, do you need any books? Maybe on Amazon? Or surf Ebay and see what strikes your fancy (this is my particular favorite as I can do this in my bed on my laptop...LAZY yet still SPENDING MONEY...glorious!)

  4. Can you add somethings onto your order for me? Just add it in, Larry would never notice I am sure. I have a couple of things I wouldn't mind getting, and since we live semi close, I could just pick it up, LOL.

    Your post today reminded me of a thing I read in a book when I was little (the book is called I should have seen it coming when the rabbit died. if you ever can get ahold of a copy and read it, I swear you would love it) but the woman has 10 or 12 kids, and they started out fixing the front steps, then the new steps made the porch look bad, s they got a new porch, and it made the house look bad, so they repainted the outside, which thenmade the inside look bad so they did major upgrades on the inside, then a tornado came and tore the house down. If I remember correctly the only thing left was the basketball hoop, and maybe the steps, LMAO.

    I can't say to much though about Larry doing something like that right before something big, I am known to do things like that too.


  5. Careful, careful, a house here in Utah DID blow up after a gas leak this year. Eeeeek.

  6. Why do you only have plywood on your kitchen floor??

  7. I'm pretty sure you need some scrappin' supplies, too. Just sayin'.

  8. Diesel - read the past week's posts. Sheesh, do I have to hyperlink everything?

    Bonnie and Clyde - You know, that definitely crossed my mind.

  9. LOL!! That is so my house!! We started building about two years ago and my husband still doesn't have it all done. We hired a bunch of people to finish it but it still didn't get done. I have given up. I hate that plywood smell yuck, it's like wet cardboard!! I do agree that you need to order lots of Pampered Chief!! Oh, and that book that Jennifer mentioned sounds so reasuring!!! LOL!!!

  10. Ok, so I have ADD. I told you I was busy. And yeah, would it kill you to add some hyperlinks for retarded people like me?

  11. LOL!!!!! I hope that covers everything you wrote. I was chuckling the whole way through.

    SORRY about your floors and the fireplace. What a pita (pain in the a$$). Hope that all works out SOON!

    Enjoy the pampered chef stuff and the yarn!

  12. Andy still laughs about me speaking to our contractor after staying with my MIL for A MONTH when we had our kitchen/bathroom/playroom done two years ago. Apparently, I said something like:

    "Look, you get that toilet working because we're coming back today!"

    I've blocked it so I'll have to take his word for it.

    Hope nothing/no one blew up!

  13. We're installing a gas fireplace (whenever the guys get around to feeling like doing it, that is...) and I will pay close attention now to the instructions for turning it on. Hey - I notice you've started down yarn's slippery slope. From Michaels to KnitPicks... it won't be long now before you'll be in your local LYS picking up some cashmere!

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