Saturday, November 24, 2007

Shopping Madness

I am totally defeated by this Christmas shopping thing. Generally, we get each kid a "big" gift - meaning, one that they would really like - yet inexpensive (for the younger ones, we rarely spend more than 10 dollars, usually much less; the 2 older ones get 25-dollar gift cards). But the kids like to open a lot of presents; so I go out and buy a whole pile of little tzotchkes for a buck or two each, and the kids have fun "shopping" in my bedroom for all their siblings. (And given the sheer number of presents this type of gift-giving generates, you've got a recipe for massive confusion on my part).

All of which is my convoluted way of explaining why I've spent over a hundred dollars on rather unimpressive presents for 6 kids. I mean, I could have bought something really nice for that sort of money. Sock yarn, electronics, kitchen tools.... the list is endless. Instead, all I have is a big pile of crap. Of course, the good thing about crap is, it tends to break just about the time the kids are getting tired of it. A mother's dream...

But it still bugs me, spending all that money on...well...nothing.

Anyone else feeling like NaBloPoMo has turned November into a very long month? Larry wants to know why I'm sitting up so late. When I tell him I have to get my daily post done, he looks at me funny. "You're not getting paid for this, you know. You don't have to post." He doesn't understand - it's the peer pressure. Besides, everyone needs a goal; and NaBloPoMo sure beats my default goal of seeing how much Christmas candy I can consume between now and New Year's. So, in the interest of being able to fit into my new jeans, I am going to persevere with this unremunerative idiocy.

Besides, I can't let Barb beat me.


  1. I have just tapped into my Christmas shopping today at IKEA. But I am far from done. Good idea to let the kids go shopping in your room. My husband is making suckers right now. He is crazy. What is it about candy and the holidays?

  2. haha, glad i didn't sign up for the blog post thingy.

    And i have the same kinds of issues for xmas and not done ANYTHING yet.

    In my next life, I am going to be organized!


  3. We have no idea what a reasonable budget for Santa presents is, but I tend to think we come out on the low side. Also, Santa is not allowed to bring toys this year. Games, sure. Books and art supplies, absolutely. No inside the house toys, though. I did some Christmas shopping at Staples yesterday. 500 sheets of plain white paper and a dozen rolls of tape. My kids will be thrilled. They LOVE paper and tape. :)

  4. I need to take some shopping tips from you! I have three kids and I spend far more than $100 total on them... OY!

    Sounds like you have a good system going!

    Congrats making it this far with NaBloPoMo! It wasn't much of an achievement for me as I was already blogging once a day to keep out of town family and friends updated, but it's been fun being part of a "group" with a goal! LOL

  5. Oh, for my four kids, I am painting their rooms while they are gone to my inlaws in a couple of weeks.
    They'll be gone for a week, and when they come home, they'll have fun, freshly painted rooms. We've been in this house for a year and I haven't painted anything! All the walls are ecru! I hate it, and the kids do too.
    They are going to be so excited! Then I'm just gonna stuff stockings. They'll be getting plently of stuff from other relatives, and I get the cheap end this year!

  6. I'm trying to decide what to give my kids this year, too. Usually, we do something fitness-related. Well, activity related. We got them scooters and bicycles and Kettler cars... this year I was sort of thinking trampoline but Coop says the idea of the Hurricane on a trampoline terrifies him and besides, I don't really want to move it across country.

    But I also don't want to buy a bunch of crap made in China.

    So, I don't know.

    OH! And if I could post while surrounded by seventeen people from my extended family, there is no way to beat me. I'm just sayin'

    (Of course, I'm not saying those were GOOD posts but they were on time!)

  7. andrea - IKEA! I'm jealous.

    nannyogg - Sure, keep telling yourself that.

    amy - yes, I hate toys. Really. We mostly do craft stuff and outdoors stuff.

    leah - the childless week painting rooms sounds like fun to me! Lucky you!

    barb - c'mon! I'm surrounded by 6 kids every single day. I win.

  8. Even though you have a large pile of crap, I love the idea of the kids being able to their siblings presents.

    Yes, I am feeling the NaBloPoMo fatigue...I haven't slept so little in years. When it comes to writing, I am somewhat of a perfectionist (house work not so much), so even small posts take me a while. Thank goodness it's almost over. Hang in there.

    Mrs. G.

  9. I am puzzled this Christmas on what to do. I can't determine if I should just do a family gift of some sort and then do very small stocking stuffers or get each child something they really, really want. I don't know, it's all so overwhelming right now, I can't even begin to think about it yet.

    Best of luck to you this season!

  10. I am so sick of NaBloPoMo. I can't keep up with the commenting. It's exhausting and I too feel that I HAVE to do it.

    I'm impressed by your budget. We need to be better about it. In the past we've spent way too much. This year we're broke. That will help. I ventured into Roberts for the first time in years the other day, spent $8 and got four presents. I was impressed with myself.