Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Bad Timing

We made it back home. The trip was fairly easy, if you don't mind a sleepy 2-year-old screaming for her bed the last 50 miles or so.

I went out for a couple of hours this afternoon with my daughter Anna to argue over clothing choices. When we got back, we found Larry halfway through ripping up my kitchen floor. Apparently it slipped his mind that I had promised to hold a Pampered Chef fund raiser in our house 2 days from now (and I had told him this morning). A Pampered Chef fund raiser - you know, the kind where someone comes over and cooks a meal in your kitchen, a kitchen presumably not cluttered with chunks of torn-up linoleum and particle board. A kitchen, let's say, that has a floor. This is a problem, and I am not sure how to solve it, other than making Larry stay up all night until he finishes whatever project he has in mind.

It's not as if there were no other projects to work on in this house, you know.

I bought Anna 2 outfits that aren't too slutty. That was the best I could do. I wanted to get her 3 outfits, but there weren't any more items in the juniors department that would be deemed acceptable from my middle-aged, conservative, "shouldn't that only be seen by your husband?" perspective. I thought I was being generous in labeling the 2 outfits we got "barely decent." And Anna showed remarkable restraint by not calling me a "stupid old lady," as she has done in the past at this particular clothing establishment. Progress, folks; we're making progress.

I have to go to bed early - my morning walking companion has threatened to drag me bodily out of bed if I don't meet her outside tomorrow at 6:30 AM (I've been slacking off, I admit). I think she means well, but it sure doesn't feel like it.


  1. I hope PC has a new tool for you to fix your floor. :D Good timing, Larry!

  2. I really am glad I'm not responsible for dressing girls. I remember trying to find dresses for my niece. Once she grew out of the 6x sizes it was nearly impossible to find something un-Spearsian.

  3. I love that you call your home parties, "Fund Raisers." I might have to steel that one from you.

  4. Oh yes!

    I try, try and try to find clothes for my thirteen year old that aren't too old, too young or too trashy. Personally I'm thinking about just cutting holes in the pillowcases and throwing those on her.

    She might have a problem with this though. Darn kids.

  5. Oh, the end of a car trip - torture. Ouch. Glad you got home safely.

    I can't have walking partners because I always end up resenting them for making me do it when I don't feel like it. It's supposed to be funny, like "You'd better get up and come walking or I'll come in and get you," but it just makes me irritated.

  6. amy - yes, boys are simpler. My 16-year-old son will pretty much wear whatever I throw at him. If he makes a fuss, I just threaten to take him shopping. That settles him.

    julianne - No,no, it really is a fundraiser for a family we all know who has a sick baby. We're raising money to go fix up a bunch of dinners at one of those Dinner Done or Let's Dish type places.

    leanne - I think the pillowcase would show too much leg.

    sue - I didn't say I liked it, you know.

  7. Oh the joys of shopping!! I can't wait to go shopping with my girl, but then again she is only two months old!! :) It might be a totally different story when she is older. My mom would take us, but back in the 90's. Back then clothes were baggy, so she didn't have to worry about the clothes like what teens wear today!! That is scary. I have a teadmill that I walk/run/die on about everyother day. Nobody wants to walk with me on a dirt road!!

  8. I once saw, in a children's store, a (fake) leather miniskirt in all sizes, including 0-3 and 3-6 month. Isn't that something? Like, really, people.

    Anyway - welcome back, and... hope the floor gets done in time!