Friday, November 09, 2007

I Feel Pretty

Do all parents feel alarmed when they hear water running anywhere in the house? Is it instinct? Or have I been traumatized by too many years of bad plumbing experiences?

Knit Night went well. I took a barely-knitting friend there, because she wanted someone to show her how to put fringe on a scarf. She couldn't figure out why everyone there was so friendly and helpful. At a loss for a better explanation, I told her, "It's because they're knitters." Really, can you picture a mean knitter? Tale of 2 Cities aside, of course.

By the way, "barely-knitting" means a beginner knitter, not one who likes to do her handiwork in the nude. In case you were wondering. Though I'm sure if I googled "nudist knitters," I'd probably find a yahoo group or two devoted to just that. Isn't the Internet great? [I was going to hyperlink to a site, just to show you that I was right; but, after perusing the options, I've changed my mind. This is a family blog, dammit.]

I was in Target today (surprise), trying to find some birthday gifts for my eldest, who turns 16 tomorrow. We are planning to buy him a really nice bicycle (as opposed to a really nice car, say); but, since a birthday isn't fun without a bunch of little packages to unwrap, I wanted to get him a few other things. Unfortunately, even though I have lived with this kid since the second he was born, I couldn't think of anything to get him. Alarm clock? Naah. He'll think I'm nagging him to get up earlier. MP3 player? Too many to pick from. Cell phone? No way - I'm still trying to decide which company to go with. So, after much agonized deliberation, I selected an attractive bag of gummy bears to give to him on his big day. I sure hope that it really is the thought that counts.

"Rachel has 24 dollars," Brian announced today, as Rachel skipped ahead of us in the store, gaily swinging her little purse. "No, she doesn't, Brian," I corrected him. "She had 20 dollars from her birthday, but that's all gone." "I do have 24 dollars," Rachel said. "Brian counted it for me." So I took a look inside her purse and, lo and behold, there was a wad of money in there of various denominations. We don't know where she got it, because she's pretending she can't remember. In fact, I'm sure we'll never know. Does that really surprise anyone who has been following this blog for the past year? I think not. My precious 5-year-old daughter seems to have a predilection for being on the wrong side of the law, and there's not a darn thing I can do about it.

Finally, after procrastinating for months, I betook myself to the hairdresser (all of 5 minutes away) and told her to do something, anything, to make me look good. And she did. And I will continue to look this good until I have to wash my hair - because I can never, ever style it the right way myself. Still, 40 dollars for 48 hours of feeling pretty - that's less than a dollar an hour. Not a bad price for happiness, is it? The best things in life may not be free, but they can be fairly inexpensive.


  1. Gummy bears are a great gift idea!

  2. I finally went to the beauty shop today too! I had to get my gray root rot covered up!!! 29 and gray *sigh* I guess it could be worse! HA!

    At least you got out cheaper, mine was 50 bucks!!!! I'm seriously considering getting one of those boxes of hair color from walmart. Hey if Sarah Jessica Parker can look good after one, dangit, I know I can! HAHAHAHHAA

  3. I am laughing hysterically over Rachel and her $24. My 14yo can buy almost anything and everything with "his change from his room". I think his change reproduces or something.

    Happy 16th Birthday to Theo (a day early I know)

  4. I've pretty much decided that yarn and sticks are the universal symbol of helpfulness.

    My son hoards his dollars. And they MUST be dollars, not fives or tens, so it looks like more...

  5. I get so excited when my mom sends a package to me. She always puts a pack of Gold Gummy Bears or Red Vines. Both are my favorites. I think he will like them!! Food is always good with guys!! I agree with the hair!!

  6. I can never style my hair, either. I can't even find a style I like. Sigh.

  7. My kids are like your daughter. Maybe they'll end up in jail together ;)

    Happy birthday to your son!

  8. Ugh, thats why I dont go and get my hair done. This year I went twice - about 6 weeks apart, and bad experiences both times (so why did I go back???) but that was the first time since February 2003 that I have been to get my hair done. (and back in Feb 03 was a bad experience as well - will I ever learn??)

    Gummy bears are awesome, thats all I have to say on that subject (those and swedish fish!)

    Andre somehow always has money too. I think he raids the change jar, but when I go and look, I don't notice any missing, and the same goes for the ones in my wallet. But he ALWAYS has money. He has bene known to go to walmart, spend ALL his money then the next day go shopping again because he had some "left over" from the day before, LOL. Maybe he has a printing press somewhere in his room that I never saw before.

  9. Ah... there is nothing like a good haircut, is there?

  10. I don't think even SJP looks good after the boxed stuff. Some of those commercials were SCARY looking. I always get my hair cut on a Saturday, sleep VERRRRY carefully that night and end up seeing all of my friends on Sunday. They're always like - your hair looks SO GREAT - I love the cut, who did it, blah blah blah. Then the next time they see me they're like - what happened? Because I can't style it either. Poo.

  11. Of course I had to link back to the nude knitter post, because, well, you're such a tease... And I need to go pay a dollar an hour for a little pretty. I'm not above paying for happiness.

    Now post a picture, already. :)