Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Blogrolls and Banality

I'd like to draw everyone's attention to the blogroll over there to the left. It's short, because I don't do that "You blogroll me, I'll blogroll you" stuff. I read other blogs (lots of other blogs - this whole blog thing is slowly taking over my life, but let's not go into that), because I like them or the person writing them; but, in an effort to keep the blogroll useful, I try to keep it short. Today I couldn't resist adding a new member - finslippy. I have no idea what that means, but she is breathtakingly, seemingly effortlessly funny. Enough so that I briefly considered throwing out my keyboard and never attempting to be even mildly amusing again.

But, I came to my senses. Some of us need to be willing to be second-rate. It makes everyone else feel good about themselves.

Anna hates me again (don't you love roller coaster rides?). I mean, it's been over 24 hours since I've done something for her, which is an almost intolerable situation to her befuddled teenage brain. She also hates David. He was standing in her general vicinity today, which annoyed her greatly.

She hated him when he was born, too. I remember holding him in my arms one day and Anna saying, "I hope you drop that baby and break his head." We used to regale her with that funny anecdote from time to time after she turned into a sweet little girl who wouldn't dream of saying anything like that about her little brother. But, nowadays, the story seems just a tad too realistic to be amusing.

Susie spent over an hour screaming this afternoon because she needed a nap and I wouldn't give her one because then she wouldn't go to sleep in the evening and I would start hating my life. Tolerating tantrums is exhausting. But I prefer 2-year-old tantrums to 14-year-old ones.

Truth? You want the truth? I wouldn't be posting today if it weren't that NaBloPoMo made me. Nothing happened today. Larry took the car to the garage, so we couldn't even go out. It ended up costing us a thousand dollars to get it back, so now I can't even afford to go out.

In my attempt to ingest as many carb goodies as possible before I head back to Weight Watchers in January, I baked bread this afternoon and I let David make cookies; that was probably good for another pound or two. My jeans finally arrived from Lands End, but I'm scared to try them on, as they probably won't be quite, um, roomy enough at this point.

I got stuck doing all the dishes tonight. I think we broke a family record by using almost all the pots and pans today. I'm talking 3 cookie sheets, 3 mixing bowls, 6-qt pot, 12-qt pot, 3-qt steamer, square pyrex pan, and the colander. Oh, and 4 loaf pans. The pile in the sink when I came downstairs after the meal was almost breathtaking. You would think that after 16 years I wouldn't find this situation that remarkable, but I guess my youthful capacity for wonder remains undiminished.

Minutiae, folks, that's all you're getting here tonight - the stultifying minutiae of an average suburban mom's life. Scary, isn't it? Maybe the educational powers that be should use this blog in high school sex ed classes as a powerful motivator to use birth control. I can see the poster now: "Do You Want Your Life to Turn Out as Banal as This?" or "Condoms Can Prevent Things Even Scarier Than STD's."


  1. Thanks for the tip about finslippy - very funny and cute stuff. And the annual return to WW? Yes, I was contemplating too but the weekly fee kills me when I know what I am supposed to do. I just ordered Turbo Jam and was very disappointed to find out it's not something that goes with peanut butter. (I did start doing the workout but my two girls made the most awesome chocolate chip cookies and left them here, just calling me.)

  2. It's funny you should mention WW as tonight I re-activated my online account. I don't think it's good when your underwear is tight...particularly when they're friggin' spandex.

    I like Finslippy very much...and my blogroll is long because I like to have all the places I visit in one easy row...all neat like. This might have something to do with my ocd-esque tendencies.

  3. Oh, yes, I love finslippy so much I would like to be her when I grow up!

  4. Our truck broke too!! It must be somthing in the air!! I think it can just stay at the shop!! I love those temper tantrums too!! I will have to check out finslippy.

  5. I think a description of my daily life might make teenagers plan a different type of career. We should do a career day presentation.

  6. I thought the same thing as Finslippy. I love her too much to totally hate her, though. Dang it.

    You know what I tell teenagers who think babies are soooo cute?? "They poop in the tub." My niece was so grossed out, I think she might have vowed never to have sex. She's presumable over that, being as how she's 23 and gorgeous and all, but still. it worked from sixteen on for a while.

  7. Well, wow, now I feel so totally special to be on your blogroll. And all this time I thought you were just lazy. :> I'm honored to be in such good company...