Saturday, November 10, 2007

Google Giggle

Oh, dear. You know, on the Firefox browser, how there is that little rectangular box in the upper right-hand corner, where you type search words for Google? And you know how, unless you remember to go back and delete, those search words stay up there until you do another search? Well, imagine my unsuspecting husband's consternation when he sits down at his computer this evening and sees "nude knitters" in his search box. That took some explaining, I must say. Because he doesn't read my blog.

We've been busy today getting ready for a weekend car trip to my parents' house. The kids are very excited about it, because they like all the junk we feed them to get them to be quiet in the car. And they like all the junk Grandma and Grandpa feed them when we visit. They are very food-oriented, my children. I'm excited about the trip because I get to spend over 4 hours knitting with no one bothering me (except to ask for more Twizzlers). Anna is excited about the trip because she is not going; she's staying with a friend instead. I don't think Larry is excited about the trip, but he married me and he's stuck.

So I need to go finish the zillion loads of laundry that always need to be done before we go away for a mere 2 days. And I need to clean up the house, so that if we all get killed on the highway, perfect strangers won't come in and say, "Oh, my Lord, they lived like pigs." It's a little phobia of mine.


  1. I am a mom of 7 soon to be 10! I like you blog... I am going to go back and read some of your older posts! Nice to meet another big family!

  2. Have a fun, safe trip. Enjoy your clean house when you return.

  3. Oh dear, I am sure Larry was a bit surprised... what a hoot!

    I hate the laundry before and after a trip. Wait... I hate the laundry all the time, nevermind!

    Have a great trip.

  4. The folks at Google asked me to tell you to stop abusing your search privileges.


  5. Tee hee. I clean my house before leaving too. I have the same thought, what if we are killed and my sisters have to come to the house and say through their sobs, I wonder why she didn't put those in the dishwasher and what-s with the towel on the bathroom floor?...that would make grief just that much harder to bear.

  6. Oh, have fun on your trip. I love car trips too. It is really quiet in the car, I love that. And I too have to have a clean house, not so much that if we die thing, but I feel so much better when we come home and crash and the house is clean. That way I don't feel like I have to get up and clean. You are funny!!!

    The last sentence of your post had me ROFL!

    You are hysterical!
    (But that's how I think, too..shhhh)

  8. I'm still pondering "seven soon to be ten." I'm not judging (I'm from a family of nine kids) I'm just pondering the level of hysterical anxiety I would be feeling if I was about to move up to ten kids from seven. Good heavens.

    Your husband probably thinks you are just REALLY REALLY into knitting.

  9. Have a fun trip!!!

    And have fun cleaning. I just finished cleaning mine. Because people are coming over. I wish I could care enough in advance of my death to clean before I leave the house. LOL

  10. I am compulsive that way--I have to clean the house before I leave because I don't want to come back home to the natural disaster that is my home. But your reason is much funnier.