Saturday, November 24, 2007

I'm Dreaming of a Fat Christmas

Surprisingly, Larry did not attempt any home improvement projects today. Instead, he took the youngest four to our town's holiday parade, despite frigid temperatures and a biting wind. A good time was had by all. Well, at least by the kids. And we ate turkey. And apple pie. And stuffing. And I wanted vanilla ice cream again, but no one got me any.

Last night I dreamed that I suddenly realized I had gained 80 pounds (which is a fairly significant weight gain for a person under 5 feet tall, let me add). Larry was saying, "I told you you were eating too much." And I kept insisting, "It can't be. My jeans still snap shut."

Do guys have dreams like that? I don't think so.

I made Larry read the Best Buy circular today, just to get him up to speed on what's current in the electronic world. Why? Because when I mentioned that the hot present for this Christmas is Wii (and please raise your hands if you remember when the hot presents were Cabbage Patch Dolls, and people were clubbing each other over the head to get their hands on one) - anyway, when I told him this fact, he looked puzzled; so I asked him if he knew what Wii is, and he said, rather desperately,"Um, that new version of Atari?"

Atari - sort of cute, isn't it? In a totally clueless sort of way? And he thinks I'm out of it.

It's my bedtime. I need to go out tomorrow and find some cheap toys that aren't made in China. Although I could just buy the cheap Chinese ones and tell the kids not to put them in their mouths. Sort of a Darwinian, survival-of-the-fittest experiment, you know?


  1. Survival of the fittest works for me! Mind you I don't think anyone around here would be brave enough to put anything in their mouths anyway.
    Best wishes

  2. This is such a great post. I was just telling my kids last night about the Cabbage Patch Wars of the 1980's.

    I have had that dream. In fact, as I sit here writing this comment, I can feel the waistband of my jeans strangulating my stomach much stuffing. Tomorrow is another day.

  3. You guys have family in Maine? You're the first blogger I've met who has any connection to this very cold state!

    CJ is an Airborne Batte Management Systems Specialist - or will be when he's done tech school. He will possibly head to Japan when all is said and done but for now he's still at Lackland.

    Love your blog!


  4. LMAO survival of the fittest! I may have to try that. I talked to my husband about getting a wii. He laughed at me. Not just a chuckle it was an all out hide your face in a paper bag laugh. Jerk.
    I have no clue why you can't see my pics. I went through my settings and couldn't see anything that would help it out any. :(

  5. *waving hand in air* I remember the Cabbage Patch craze! I have an original from Christmas 1983. Peggy Darcy, with light brownish hair and green eyes, just like me, and her hair STILL smells like baby powder. I have no idea who my parents killed or bribed to get their hands on her.

  6. Survival of the fittest... funny stuff!

    Ahhh... Cabbage Patch dolls. I had one of those, too. I think my sister still has hers to this day.

  7. Hey! I do remember the Cabbage Patch dolls Christmas madness, and I loved my Atari. Are you saying I'm old? Hmmpphh! : )

  8. I love it!
    I was reading your profile, and I have a good answer to the question of why you have so many kids.
    Tell them you don't own a television! Works for us and our friends with 6 kids!

  9. Oh, and I remember the Cabbage Patch craze too.
    Although my mom wouldn't allow us to buy a real one. She actually made the immitation dolls by hand and my sister and I helped. I stuffed so many doll heads, it ain't even funny! My sisters job was sewing knees and elbows, and my mom sewed it all together.
    She made a killing with those fake CP kids at $30 a piece.
    I wonder if I should start making CP kids?

  10. Raising hand remembering the Cabbage Patch Kid Wars - I finally got one 3 years after the hoopla! We got a Wii for Christmas last year - the boys love it!

  11. Love the dream! Too funny! Keep plugging on the whole NaBlaBla thing, though - you're only a few days away, and it's DEFINITELY quite a feat!