Thursday, January 24, 2008

Movies, Mice, and Miscellany

The movie The Spirit of the Beehive was recommended to me by Netflix because I "enjoyed Annie Hall and Modern Times." Here is the description:

"In this mesmerizing allegorical tale set in post-Civil War Spain, precocious young Ana ... becomes obsessed with finding the spirit of Frankenstein's monster after watching director James Whale's 1931 classic. When she happens upon a wounded military deserter, Ana believes that she's evoked the cinematic creature."

Yeah, that just shouts Woody Allen and Charlie Chaplin, doesn't it?

A neighbor just called because she and her husband are hearing what they assume are squirrels in their attic. The question is, Why did they call me? I mean, do we look like Rodent Central over here? Anyway, I explained to her that we don't do squirrels, we do mice (everyone specializes these days, you know) and I gave her the number of the neighbor who owns his very own squirrel trap (the humane kind). I like to be helpful when I can. Which isn't often...

Larry took the teens out to a meeting about "summer workcamp" this evening. Sounds great, doesn't it? But the "camp" only lasts a week. I figure, if you're going to call it "summer workcamp," it should last all summer. Otherwise, why don't they just call a spade a spade (and what the hell does that mean, anyway?) and call it "way-too-short workcamp" or (better yet) "not-nearly-long-enough-to-make-you-appreciate-the-comforts-of-home, you-spoiled-brats-you, workcamp"?

Maybe the organizers felt that was too wordy.

I know I've been greeting a lot of people lately, but tonight I would like to give a wave to those people heading over here from MadMad's blog. I may not be as uproariously funny as she is, guys; but I do grow on you. Stick around.


  1. *waves* Hi! I actually did follow the link from MadMad's blog, but I've been here a lot before. I'm not sure I've ever commented though, so I thought I'd say hello. I was also reading your previous post, and my older two daughters (15 and 13) have both seen this movie, and I have not yet, although I want to. Now I think I want to ask them if they think that Juno's stepmom should have offered to raise the baby. I'm really interested in their answers.

  2. Ha ha! I love the name of the camp you came up with! I think it's great they're going to work-camp, though... is there a waiting list?? I'd like to get mine started. I assume it teaches them to do housework, right?? ;)

  3. We've got rats in the kennel. Do those fall in the mouse department, or is that it's own special classification? And who do I call for that?

    I'd love to sign my kids up for Learn To Appreciate Home More, You Slackers Camp. I agree it should definitely be longer. And at what age can they start there?

  4. Wow. I'm just glad they didn't have that camp when I was a kid. Now that I have kids of my own, though, it's a much different story.
    I loved your post about 'Juno'. I would like to recommend a showing of 'Knocked Up' which, while highly inappropriate for teenagers, at least shows the pain of childbirth quite well.

  5. Maybe you are looking like rodent central? Here's something we used--with actual success. Mix one half plaster of paris to one half flour and sprinkle sugar on top. The fiends (remember, I'm a Buddhist and mice don't count) eat it and then it inflates in their tummies. They go out in search of water and die, conveniently rotting somewhere other than your drainpipes or floor boards.

    I have SO much useful information!

  6. "I do grow on you." *snicker* Is that why I keep coming back for more?

    Happy weekend!

    Heidi :)

  7. I never did understand why they called it "summer" camp when they only lasted a week...maybe two. Maybe "small chunk of summer camp" would be better...or "IN the summer camp" would work as well. I dunno. I guess a week is better than a day though, right?

  8. I just saw your comment from way back - and you ARE funny... and we have something in common. MY anniversary is January 3, too. We have stacked up 27 years.

    Very novice at this, but will attempt to keep up - and I agree about Juno - the eyes of the teenage girl do not see it the way we do - I saw it with a friend and my girl saw it separately. I will have to ask her if she concurs with your daughter. Maybe.

  9. "we don't do squirrels, we do mice" ROFL!!!!!! Seriously, cracking me up here.

    I loved your camp names, btw.

  10. You need to devise your own summer camp--have them make their own rat/squrirel/mouse traps as a project!

  11. You and Shelley need to visit me today see what Precious Youngest had to say about the "Juno" post.

  12. Yes actually you are pretty funny! I enjoy reading your blog!

  13. Oh, too many laughs here to pick one; I don't think you have to worry about "growing on" anyone! You're all grown! And camp names, hm... that could be a post all it's own....

  14. "Summer Workcamp" absolutely sounds like the politically correct euphemism for "reform school".

    Are you sure the whole Juno thing didn't send you over the edge?

  15. I don't understand half of the recommendations Netflix makes. Of course, it's better than Tivo, which tapes Spanish soap operas based on my "preferences."

  16. "...we don't do squirrels, we do mice..."




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