Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Hooray, It's Not The Holidays Anymore!

I'm feeding the kids party leftovers all day. They love me. I should do this all the time. Before lunch, we played Christmas Bingo and whoever won got a Christmas cookie. I need to get all the junk food out of the house before the good times come to a crashing halt this Monday with my first official weigh-in. I hate dieting, but I also hate not being able to breathe with my jeans snapped.

I wasn't going to post a New Year's resolution; but last night, while I was having panic attacks over the fact that our computer had frozen up and realizing that I might not be able to access all the articles I've written, ever again (mostly homeschooling crap - not for general consumption), articles that I sometimes manage to sell for genuine legal tender (not much, but enough to buy myself some clothes without feeling as though I am taking food out of my children's mouths)...

Where was I? Oh, yes, last night I made my resolution: back everything up on an external drive. Constantly. Not later. Because "better late than never" does not apply in this situation.

Anyway, Larry wrapped up his nomination for Best Husband of the Year award by staying up late to do a temporary fix on the computer and get all my word docs on one of those flash drive thingies, which I will now keep under my pillow at night (in case of fire). He neglected, however, to tell me he fixed it; and so I discovered his good deed by accident after wandering downstairs in the middle of the night, unable to sleep, my writing career (humor me) flashing before my eyes all the while. Which explains all those middle-of-the-night comments I left on everyone's blogs, okay? I hope they made sense. I was giddy with relief at the time. And I missed you.

The holidays make me sort of sentimental.

And before we give Larry too much credit, let's just say he was making a sensible financial decision by fixing the computer before leaving with the high schoolers on their ski trip today - he knew that if he left me alone for 3 days with a broken computer, well, odds were I'd either call one of those Rent-A-Geek places and pay gazillion bucks to regain access to my world, as it were; or I'd decide to spend those gazillion bucks on a new computer for myself. With just my stuff on it. And I wouldn't share, ever.

We're still having to restart the computer approximately every 5 minutes, because the mouse freezes up. I e-mailed Microsoft for a hotfix and they sent me the link (ooh, don't I sound computer savvy?) and I downloaded a zip file (?) and I unzipped it - rather, the computer says I unzipped it; but maybe the computer is lying, because I can't find all the files I supposedly unzipped. So I'm stuck. Maybe I will just wander by Best Buy today...

Maria has tagged me with a birth month meme, where you take the attributes supposedly associated with your birth month (I'm June) and talk about how they apply to you. Very fortune-cookie-ish, but I like fortune cookies.

Thinks far with vision - I suppose this refers to the fact that I am constantly imagining how I will set up the house when the kids have all flown the nest.

Easily influenced by kindness - Why, yes, I am a sucker...

Polite and soft-spoken
- Please. I'm from New Jersey. Get real.

Having ideas
- Don't we all? I should hope so.

Sensitive - As in, one unkind comment could ruin my whole day. So, don't. Make fun of Diesel instead.

Hesitating, tends to delay - Hmmm....I don't know....I'll get back to this one later.

Choosy and always wants the best
- Anyone who has seen me scarfing up store-brand chocolate chips out of the bag would want to debate this.

Temperamental - I am a woman, after all.

Funny and humorous
- But, of course. Goes without saying. Ahem.

Loves to joke - As long as it's about other people (see sensitive, above).

Good debating skills - Don't you hate how anyone with an obnoxious, totally undisciplined, mouthy kid always says their little monster has "great debating skills"? "He'll make a great lawyer!" they proclaim. How about "He'll make a great a**hole!"?

- That's what my husband thinks, anyway.

Friendly - pathetically so.

Prone to getting colds
- Apparently.

Loves to dress up
- Yes, just so people will ask me questions that I take unreasonable umbrage at.

Easily bored - Are we done yet?

Fussy - Moi? Just because I can't sleep right if I can't find one of my special pairs of soft wool socks for bed? And the socks have to match, or my feet feel uneven and keep me up? Okay, yes.

Seldom shows emotions
- Doesn't my husband wish?

Brand conscious - I don't think so (see choosy, above).

Stubborn - Of course. What? I'm going to let the stupid people with dumb ideas run the show? I don't think so.

Barb, I tag you, of course. You're always funny with these things (putting the pressure on - sorry), and it will take your mind off the move.


  1. Heh. That is a good meme! My first time seeing it.

    Hope your computer woes are resolved soon...


  2. What luck! I'm a Junie too, and you've just saved me the trouble. Ditto, likewise, what she said. See? I'm done.

  3. Great meme, and you made it funny, too! Glad you didn't lose anything - scary!

  4. It's probabaly a good idea to put the flash drive thingie under your pillow. I recently threw one out, because I thought it was a dollar store pocket knife. Take my word for it when I tell you that I was the only one who found it amusing.

  5. Cute Meme!

    I am glad you didn't lose anything off of your computer. I back up stuff onto an external hard drive and I had a dream recently I lost all the info on it, I woke up in a cold sweat and have been pondering that thought for days now.

    My DH's computer died right after a huge lightning storm. It WAS on a surge protector, but the timing of it's demise was just too much of a coincedence. Several neighbors lost appliances also.
    We did have a back up of all of our photos, but there are other things that we will never see again:0(
    I repeat BACK UP EVERYTHING!!!
    p.s. Fun Meme!

  7. Prone to getting colds....seriously? Did the person writing this meme run out of decent ideas...? Anyways....entertaining as always. Tell the Geek Squad I say hello. :) heehee

  8. Oh, I have been down that road before. Thankfully, after fretting for days, a geek at Best Buy was able to retrieve everything for me. Of course, it's not dated and titled as I had it all before, but that's least it's there!

    Fortune cookies are especially fun when you're out for a date with the hubby, and you add "Under the sheets" to the end of the fortunes, lol.

  9. Our computer has the same issues. It's driving me crazy and I live in fear that I will someday not be able to read blogs. I'm just too cheap to get it fixed right now. The dogs have needs that seem to come first.