Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Conversation Pieces

Heavens, I was a tad giddy yesterday, wasn't I? All the excitement (and blood loss) must have gone to my head.

The little girls are doing their best today to stay within a 6-inch radius of my body. They are currently hanging on my arms, climbing on my computer chair, and talking non-stop. I hope I don't hurt them.

Latest conversation between my concerned husband and me:

Me: "Diesel says that we should buy the warranty with the new computer."
Him: "Who?"
Me: "Diesel - he's a software guy who has a humor blog."
Him: "You mean, he is someone with a blog who says he's a software guy. He could be some 18-year-old loser. Or someone's dog that knows how to type."
Me: "I didn't know dogs could be funny...."

Oh, and I finally had a cute conversation with my 5-year-old, just like the rest of the mommy bloggers seem to have every single day:

Me: "You know, you are really, really smart. You can be anything you want to be when you grow up. You could be a doctor." (Larry and I are going to need help navigating the geriatric health care maze in the not-distant-enough future.)
Rachel (shaking head): "No, I want to be a mommy."
Me (fighting the urge to hug her and feed her chocolate): "Well, you can be a mommy and a doctor. Some ladies do that, you know."
Rachel: "No, that would be too hard, doing all that at once. I'll just be a mommy."

I want to be a mommy - with one little sentence, she has managed to redeem herself for all the craziness she put us through last year. Because I totally eat that stuff up. I told you she was smart.


  1. She IS smart!! And I am SURE diesel is not 18 or a dog who can type. POSITIVE! (I think) So I back you up on that one, tell him you have witnesses.

  2. Give Rachel a hug and some chocolate from me.

    Here I was trying to choose between reading aloud to my kids before bed and cranking on those 130 essays I need to grade. I had just made up my mind to do both: read my students' essays on collective moral responsibility aloud to my kids.

    Thankfully, I thought to give the blog feed a quick check first...and there, in Rachel's words, is a better answer.

    I'm reaching for A.A. Milne's ONCE UPON A TIME right now.

  3. "I'll just be a mommy." Be still my heart.

  4. That is a much better conversation than the ones I have that usually start with "Just wait until you're a mom/dad . . ."

  5. cute is she?!

    But Larry...boy, he needs to work on his trust issues!

    (Not too much, though. I wouldn't want to lose my daily dose of Larryisms) :)


  6. toni - This conversation wasn't typical of the ones I have with my kids, either.

    mrs. g. - It's hard to imagine that, in just 8 short years, she's going to hate me.

    kalynne - ONCE UPON A TIME - looking it up right now....

    shellie - um, you know, you don't know either, right? Although, if Diesel is a dog, he's a dog that can photoshop as well as type.

  7. My 3yo (son) is adamant that he will be a mama some day. When my kids say they want to be a mom (or dad, whatever) I take it as validation that they see what I'm doing as important. The other day my older son mentioned that I didn't have a job, and my younger son said, "She DOES have a job, her job is taking care of US!" That's right. It's a very important job, too.

  8. She knows what it's all about. Smart isn't enough. Intuitive, brilliant, caring...

    And you tell Larry that all your imaginary friends back Diesel. I mean, to us Larry is imaginary, too. Who are we to trust?

  9. She is a genius! I can't wait until I can have conversations like that with my son (hopefully he's not set on being a mommy!)

  10. To be fair, I mostly said that so that you wouldn't have to come to me with hardware problems. So as long as we can agree that you're not going to do that, I don't really care if you buy the warranty.

    Also, I'm an 18 year old dog who can type, and that's like 394 in human years, so don't make me cranky.

  11. She sounds sweet. I have three kids, and we never had any of those "cute" conversations either. Just stuff from me, like, "Get that cat off your brother's head!"

    And dogs can be funny. And cranky.

  12. smart, smart little girl! and since your husband brought it up . . . if i'm imaginary, does that mean you're imaginary? does the internet even exist? it boggles the mind!

  13. Hey, there's no guarantee she's gonna hate you in 8 years, come on now! After all, she's smart!

  14. I don't know. It scares me when I, stay-at-home-mom that I am, hear my kids say they want to "just be mommies." I always want to make them promise to go to grad school FIRST. I know that's a terribly archaic thought in this world where women are now free to CHOOSE the roles we once were forced into... but it just kind of makes me worried. Not as worried as when my seven year old reacts to a cancelled play date with her "boyfriend" by saying, "I wore body glitter for NOTHING!" but a little concerned anyway.

  15. My 6 year-old son just told us that he was going to stay home with the kids while his wife works. I'm not sure if I should be proud or alarmed. But maybe that means I won't have to pay for college...?