Saturday, January 05, 2008


I'm blogging from a neighbor's house because my computer is brain-dead. I'm still in shock from the whole experience; yesterday everything was fine and it didn't freeze up even once and I had thought we were on the road to recovery. I only left for a few minutes to bathe the children; but when I came back, it was gone. I never even got to say good-bye. RIP, my friend, RIP.

And now I owe Larry big because he backed up all my word documents a few nights ago. Too bad he didn't know to back up the Christmas pictures. He did suggest that we wrap a bunch of boxes and stuff some candy canes in the stockings and re-enact Christmas morning for the camera; but I just don't think my heart is in it.

Well, I need to get out of my very kind neighbor's all will have to carry on without me...


  1. Lord you DO owe him. You might have to make good on The Promise. I am sorry. I have a love hate relationship with computers. When they are good they are so so good...but when they are bad....

  2. Oh no!! I hope you'll be back blogging again soon (I know, only thinking about myself here...).

    But there are ways to extract those pictures from your hard drive. Talk to an expert - losing pictures is no fun :(


  3. I'm hoping the next time I see you, you will be sitting in front of a new laptop!!

    Sorry about those pictures.

  4. Yikes! I hope your computer problems get resolved soon! Good luck.

  5. I can hook you up with my sister. She sells Macintosh. Since I bought mine last year, I haven't had one problem. Not one!

  6. Oh, NO, I'm sorry! So, so sorry. But thank goodness for the backing up. GOOD Larry.

  7. Sorry about all the computer problems. I agree with not reinacting Christmas cute thought though. Also Happy Anniversary.

  8. What?! Oh please hurry back. What will I do when I lock myself into my bedroom to escape all my kids to read all about your kids? What will I do with my stress? I am totally in panic mode!

    YOU WILL BE GREATLY MISSED! I will be checking daily, but don't feel pressured or anything.

  9. Oh, I have so been there and I feel your pain. I need to take this as a cautionary tale and backup a crapload of stuff. No matter what you do, you deserve a laptop. Maybe you need a virtual telethon, yeah a blogathon to come up with the funds. :)