Sunday, January 06, 2008

I'm Baaaack!

Kudos to Larry for managing to hook up our antiquated computer system to the Internet! Unfortunately, this gives him yet another piece of ammunition in our ongoing argument over the dubious value of hanging on to useless junk versus the virtues of travelling light, as it were. Be that as it may, I am definitely working on the horse-and-buggy version of our modern-day computers. As in, I'm surprised I don't have to keep pedalling something to keep this thing running. (But, you know, a set-up like that would not be a bad idea...)

Larry took our dead CPU to the Geek Squad for an autopsy, and the diagnosis was a defunct motherboard. Whew. I was afraid they'd tell him it had something to do with too much blogging. So now we're having a fun discussion of whether to replace the motherboard (mother bored?) or to buy a new computer with the money we had been saving towards my laptop (sob, sniff). Today was also the day that I got to pay over one hundred dollars to fix a problem with Anna's flute. And another 30 dollars to buy her a tuner to replace the one that Rachel bathed in the toilet last year. We're expecting our car to break down any minute, just to add to the fun.

But that's okay, because we are made of money. Ask Anna.

I consoled myself over the loss of my computer by going to Michael's and picking up supplies for a few knitting projects. I showed remarkable restraint, considering that all yarn was 30 percent off this week; but I must have fondled every skein in the place before I could tear myself away. I think the damage came to less than 40 dollars. You knitting bloggers can appreciate my amazing self-control, I am sure.

Knitting bloggers - shouldn't there be a shorter name for that by now? Knoggers, perhaps? Remember, you heard it here first.


  1. Knoggers? I think it sounds too much like knockers, which might lead to some confusion. Nice knoggers! At any rate, I vote for the new laptop and I am sure Anna agrees.

  2. A pedal powered computer. Genius. Then maybe I wouldn't be so fat. If I had to pedal to blog, I think that would probably be sufficient motivation.

    "But that's okay, because we are made of money. Ask Anna." Ha ha ha ha ha ha! Ha!

  3. I know all about defunct mother boards. I think I am the victim of one right now. Let's hope tomorrow brings a sunnier disposition. Glad your back up and running.

  4. Tell me, is there anything Larry can't handle!? But what about the pix -- were you able to get those out?

    "But that's okay, because we are made of money."

    *snigger* Somehow I just know Anna wouldn't agree with that statement.


  5. I think a pedal powered computer would be genius. "I *am* exercising, honey!"

    We're having computer issues here, too. Horrid things, aren't they? But that's okay, we're made of money, too. Ask our kids.

  6. Mother bored cracked me right up...

  7. I actually house-and-kid-sat for a family that had their teeny-tiny TV hooked up to a stationary bicycle. The kids had to pedal to watch it. Brilliant, I say. :)

    Linked to you from Barb @ so the thing is...

  8. The best mother's day card I ever got showed a woman lying on the couch asleep, an empty ice cream dish on the floor, and a book open and across her lap. The father and two children had looks of terror on their faces as they viewed the sleeping mom. "Oh No!" the card read on the outside.
    "The Server's down!"

  9. Sorry to hear about your computer woes. I can empathize as my blog just froze for days. To fix my problem I had to switch from publishing via FTP to custom domain publishing. Then I had to change my blog URL to:

    I remember you once asked on John Kelly's Voxford how to put a hotlink in a comment and I just found out:

    If you can afford it, get a Mac, they are very user friendly and almost never have problems.

  10. My husband won't throw anything away. Boy is it ever maddening when he actually comes up with uses for some of it!

  11. I like Knoggers, it has a ring to it. And the pedal powered computer is a great idea. I so relate-We are made of money too. It is so sad the way it just oozes out of my fingers and into my kid's benefit fund all the time.